Hoodwink to deceive

If I was one that exercised mendacity in my daily life I think I would be compelled to hoodwink myself from the view of others.  I tend to overlook the untrustworthiness of others by their deceptions, therefore, my faith in them is deluded beyond repair.  Harm from a falsehood of another has eventually hurt me in more ways than I could possibly recap in a short brief of words.  In trusting someone to do right and not be deceptive you form a bond with them as a friend when in fact they have no intention of being a friend.  Eventually, you will see a pattern building around their actions that will give rise to alert you that the walls are cracking around on this friendship and are about to fall to the ground.  When a person tells little lies on a regular time frame you will notice a change in their attitude and personality giving ways to alert you not to believe what you hear or even see.  Some people are destined to lie, a mendacity personality.  Friendship is not an overnight event, longevity is the key to getting to know someone for better or worse, not as in the vows of marriage but in life as it is.

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