Bob the photographer

A story about Bob and various others that took place a while  back.  When I heard about it I thought it was amusing so I decided to revive it from the tree bark and put it on some 1’s and 0’s and pass it on.  Hope you will enjoy it.

Bob, a lad of later year teen in age, finished school and has been investigating possible vocations, fun in nature and interesting as well.  So Bob was out and looking at different ideas, he found a camera that he liked but never had one of his own.  While looking he found some magazines about photography so as he looked through them he found articles about the camera that he was looking at.  He left the store with two magazines and a camera with additional items.  He hurried home and entered his room and began reading many articles, in fact, he finished both publications.  He felt that he had found his calling to earn some money and to establish a livelihood for himself.

I do not know what type of camera he first purchased, but I do remember some of the photos that he took with it and they came out professional.  I do recall that it was a SLR type camera with two or three lens, filters, covers, etc as a bundle.  I remember when I had my SLR and now the DSLR I sware by them.  The quality is the top of the line.

Bob would take off and go to beaches, wooded areas, open fields, lol he even found some believers that let him do portraits of them and the family for money.  I ran into him not long ago and he is still doing photography and actually doing well for himself.  He now has some professional type of camcorders.  He has some work published and has rewards for his efforts.  He is now in hs mid to late 20’s, engaged, but in no hurry to complete the contract.

I recall the story of Bob because I like success stories of people doing well for themself.  I know anyone can make good if they want to put in the effort.  Yes, if you think big it does require a big wallet, but start little and grow into big and you can always say you did it yourself.  It takes a dream, committment and ambition.

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