A man, A woman

This is  a little story about a man and a woman.  It is not really a romance nor is it a tragedy.  I will recall in good terms and fun terms of the man and woman through life.  So I  will keep it somewhat short so as not to bore, but long enough to make it funny or interesting.  A little story of life.

This man who I speak of was serving in the military overseas when the story initialized.  He came home because he needed some time off work.  After he got home he stayed with a friend of his mother for a while.  Lucky enough the friend had a second car and allowed the man to use it while he was home.  Man knew this family outside of his home town so he contacted one of the daughters about going for a ride around the old town places of which he had not seen for some time.  The daughter said yes.  He drove down and picked the woman up and they went riding.

At some point during the ride, the man and woman stopped by a hospital and got a blood test, which was required for marriage.  No one expected this to happen.  To this day, man is sure that he even asked woman for her finger.  Any way both were happy and went on doing the ride.  They stopped and ate is different places, it was all good and fun.  Talked all the time.

The day of adventure came to an end and we went our ways.  The next day man went to visit some family members of his of which he had not seen in a while.  It was a good reunion.  A few phone calls and ride around, Saturday came and man, woman, and her sister and brother n law went and got the permits for marriage.  Man and Woman became one at 12:30 PM on Halloween.  A number of people offered facilities for the newly weds to stay, ended up staying at the place man was staying and the people who lived there went elsewhere.  It was man and woman’s honey moon I guess.

All was going good, three weeks later man had to return overseas to duty.  Woman elected to remain behind.

This part of the man and woman saga will stop here for now.  More to follow at a later date.


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