Hello and Welcome to my site: STREAMINGFORFUN.COM.

My name is James Argroves, I am retired from the military of which I served 8 years in the Army and 12 years in the Navy.  I also owned and drove a semi-truck for 19 years.  Let me make the record understood of my feelings here and now.  I love my country the United States of America.  I can stand for criticism, I do not support everything that comes out of Washington D. C., I have that right because I vote, I salute my flag, and if in another’s country I will respect theirs, I have been divorced and married once, I can be your friend or I can be your night-mere, I believe in my GOD and you can believe in yours, I say Merry Christmas and care less if anyone likes it or not.

Now I just wanted to let my readers know who I am, what I am, so no one will misunderstand me.  You all have my respect and full appreciation for what you put to paper here.  I enjoy what I am doing and I enjoy reading what you are doing and saying.  I do this for fun and relaxation nothing more.  Now with this all said, I hope to be an honest friend to all.



Who am I? What is my site about? Does it have a mission?  Will the content be fun and serious attracting appreciation of the site?  Will it be active or passive in regards to others’ content?

I hope to answer the above questions here and in the future.  Who am I?  I am a retired person who found this communication skill by accident one day.  I have, by doing and reading, gotten stronger at what I am trying to do.  I have found myself really enjoying what I am trying to do, learning all of the time something new.  My belief is to learn something new each day, and that is my goal.

What is my site about?  It is a communication gig, I call it a gig because writing is a story fiction or nonfiction, that challenge your abilities.  Pick a topic, a word, and write about it, read the story, make corrections, read it again.  You will see your meaning take shape, it is your story so they’re no wrong way, it is your way to communicate.  Life is a learning drill and for those that can accept the challenge you will fit in.

Does it have a mission.  The mission is in what you want to accomplish with each write.  You crack that then you will have your mission.  Remember, it is yours so do it your way, have fun and accomplish a goal.

Will the content be fun and serious attracting appreciation of the site?  The content is yours, you make it interesting and work in that direction then yes it will.  If you get hostile and critical of every little thing or someone, then no it will not.  Live it before you write it.

Will it be active or passive in regards to others’ content?  Be nice, not negative.  Think about what would want to hear, if you want junk then this is not for you.  Respect will go a long way, here and in life.