I see a sense of sadness, but it is Government

Watching the tube today “Fox Business” and I see a sense of sadness, but it is Government.  The Congress submitted a funding bill, the Democrats singing instead of voting, The President not happy – called a meeting – and refused to sign it as is.  They think the might have a way to get what he wants and will sign.  They are back at work to make a new presentation.  The stock market is reacting strongly at the proposal and also the rate increase.

In my opinion, I see the turmoil ahead to be very unproductive.  I believe the Government will not accomplish anything of value during the next couple of years.  Why would anyone want more than one term in this atmosphere?

I see a sense of sadness, but it is Government.

My bed

My bed is crying, I have been watching a movie, and I have completed my routines for today, so bed you can hush I will be there soon.

As I woke this morning the weather was very windy and wet, it had been but was not at the time raining.  I came home and waited to almost evening and housed my SUV in the garage for the night.

A friend wants me to take him to Home Depot to apply for a job.  He does not know how to work a computer so he has asked me to help.  I can be nice in the morning but had no plans to go out today and drive 20 miles to help.

Ok a few more of these and I am bedding down for the night.

In store for today

In store for today, I hope to do some laundry, vacuum, wash a few dishes, relax a bit, and I am not sure after all of that, but I am sure I will relax some more.  Many others are traveling today.  My friend wants me to help him with another application today, that is after he checks in on the offer or the notice that he received last night.  I really hope he finds something, he is older than I and wants to work, I guess I could say that he has made some bad judgment calls lately that has gotten him in a bind.

That is what is in store for today for me to accomplish.

A conclusion

The evening is young, the transition is ahead, and the resurrection of time is ahead when a conclusion comes about.  The USA workweek has ended and the weekend is here.  My non=workweek continues day by day.  The end of next week, well not quite the end is Thanksgiving in the USA, on Friday the buyers are out looking for bargains which very few are out there.  I may enjoy Thanksgiving day in some way, but the buying part I stay home and let the others go crazy believing.  A conclusion of a work week ahead.

Diminished for now

Having not been out yet, my ears tell me that the weather of rain has diminished for now.  A good thing?  A bad thing?  The answers can only be stated by those that judge such needs.  I am not one for that decision.

I made it through the night, moving around to my routines now so that I may justify my day among others that might need me.  I know one person is wanting me to help him do applications for jobs on my computer.  Heck, he is older than I worse health and wants to work.  I will allow him some time for this purpose either today or tomorrow.

The weather has diminished for now.