Viva voce

Yesterday,  I heard so many “What if…”, “He did it…” and so forth, all of which was viva voce from newscasters.  The understanding of news to me is that it is not news until the facts are correct and that the “Verdict is rendered”.  Speculation has no place in the meaning of news.  Come on news people, let’s not speculate your opinion because no one really cares what your opinion is nor my opinion either.  Thank you.

This and that

Yesterday I reported that my eyes were less sore and looked like I had been boxing, today they are less swollen and still look like I have been in a fight.  I will hate to see how the surgery 2 will look when it is completed.  I am doing a video each day so I can remember these days.

I really do not have much news today to bring forth.  I hope within the next half hour that I will have something to pontificate about in a nice way.  I try not to express myself in the negative, but yes I can and do at times.

I just found a new word and part of the meaning seems easy but the way to get there is a challenge.  Decoct I guess tea or coffee would qualify the meaning.

A schmooze with others

My travels carried me to the Waffle House for breakfast and to schmooze with others about the day ahead or behind.  The collegiality of those of us that come together for out daily schmooze sessions remains unique to the group.  We have fun as well as being independent in our lives.

The day ahead looks promising to be very interesting.  We shall see.

I made it to the doctor’s consult

We talked and I was checked out, they made some calls and had stuff faxed to them and I did the labs.  Overall I am the same as when I walked into the office.

I am now back home and the mail has come with nothing important except for some meds.

I am getting settled in and up to date on what has been going on around here so I will be soon and try to make come content.

I will try to act like a lodestar today.