The true value of a manifesto

The publishment of a manifesto declaring a commitment to a said support for a project really has no true value until it is consummated by a proven investment.  The politician that presents a manifesto while running for office is blowing smoke until funding or approval is granted.  Talk is cheap even if in written form without the proper approval steps are taken.

The true value of a manifesto.

I say not, as I know not

As I finger my keys to produce a word, relative or not, I wonder if the word is correct or not.  Most of the time I say not, as I know not if I am right or not.  My fingers wander over a board of keys, they seem to know where they are going and for what they are doing, I know not, so I say not as to know.  At one time years past, a 120 wpm production was almost with error, today a 20 wpm production has two or three errors.  Can it be that I am out of shape, that my fingers are old and losing direction, or the old mind has lost its gyros of directing the fingers?

I say not, as I know not.

Extended sleep

The morning came, the lights began to turn themselves on at 3:30 AM EST, relocated from the recliner to the bed, at 5:45 AM EST medicated, back to bed until 8:07 AM EST, and now I feel fantastic.  I am fully relaxed now.  I can only remember the susurrous sounds that are normal within the apartment.

Extended sleep is great.

Doing home things

I am doing home things right now as I jumble some words together on here in hopes that they will come together and make an impression on someone.  Nah, I do it for fun and that is all.  Let me see, washing clothes again, soon to wash some dishes, not many as I do not have many, and I will prep the trash for removal tomorrow.  Soon the transition will be taking place and the morning will either honor me or dishonor me.  I may video expressing my thanks to the many that I served with over the years.  I leave no one behind when I do that even if I did know them they served and I am proud of them for that effort.

Just doing home things.

A travel back in time

I was just watching a show on Netflix about Professional Bodybuilding.  I remember many years back into my younger years, comic books and various magazines had adds in them about Charles Atlas, and Joe Weider’s body building programs.  I purchased some of them but never accomplished much with the programs.  The reason for my interest was that when I joined the military in 1965, I weighed 119 soaking wet.  My sport in school was track.  I wanted some meat on me.  So how wrong I was to think that.  I gained during the military time, now it causes many problems and much pain.  I have not doubled my weight but close, as in horseshoes.

This is my travel back in time for today.