Diminished for now

Having not been out yet, my ears tell me that the weather of rain has diminished for now.  A good thing?  A bad thing?  The answers can only be stated by those that judge such needs.  I am not one for that decision.

I made it through the night, moving around to my routines now so that I may justify my day among others that might need me.  I know one person is wanting me to help him do applications for jobs on my computer.  Heck, he is older than I worse health and wants to work.  I will allow him some time for this purpose either today or tomorrow.

The weather has diminished for now.

The night rolls through

As the rain continues to pour, the night rolls through to enjoin the morning transition toward the next day.  I foresee a restful night ahead with a normal waking.  The routine will be the same as all other days but nothing is normal for me just a routine.  It is feeling a little cooler than normal which could represent a change in the weather ahead.

Hello rain

Hello, rain you have been gone almost 12 hours and now back to aggravate people who do not like you.  As for me, I care less if you are around or not because unless I just have to I will not be out in your path.  The word is out that you will again be gone around noon tomorrow and will be away for a while.  We will see.  Remember Mr. Rain that in a few days we people will have a Thanksgiving holiday, a Black Friday (which when all of the nuts will run to the major stores to spend money believing that they are getting a deal on something.  That is not a truth).  I did it one year and I said never again.  So let me say Hello rain.

It is so neat

Today I tried something different and I hope to get some good content from future efforts.  I took my GPS unit not as a route but as a camera.  The camera on record did record my trip home in the wet and when I copied it to my computer I was so impressed I have decided to use it that way for now on.  It makes a great record of my travels around.  I am not sure if it can record 64 g or just the 32 g.  I do not think this one trip covered more than a 1.5 g when I played it back.  The display shows the lon/lat, my speed, and times of each event.

It is so neat to record my travels from here to there and back.

Living yesterday

Yesterday, a few years back I rode a Harley, wore a patch, jacket, vest and of course the boots.  Today I am wearing the boots and jacket.  It is still raining out so I would not be riding a bike today anyway unless I was already out and got caught up in the rain somewhere.  The jacket is a little tight around the food baby area, the boots fit so far.

I was living the life a few years ago, now I wish.  Living yesterday today.