The doctors

Yesterday’s doctor visit went well, just some updates and questions, and come back someday.  I did find out that the VA clinic that I go to has only one doctor on staff now.  He is a dentist.  I see a nurse practitioner when I go to the VA clinic.  They are good but most of my work is outside the VA.

Ok, today was interesting.  I am scheduled for eye surgery, the replacement of the lens in the left eye on the 2nd of January.

I also found from the test today that I am bleeding inside my right eye, I do not think it is really bad because it has before, but again, I am diabetic, doing insulin, and that is where the major concern is for now.  I have to see a Retinologist which is located in the same office as my main eye doctor.  He will decide what my next steps are and if it can be done with antibiotics or surgery of some type.

It is always something but I will go as far as I can to get back to some kind of life.  This just an update on the doctor’s visits.


Good vibrations

Years ago the Beach Boys had a song “Good Vibrations”, that is the way I feel right now.  I think I have finally done something right, and of course with your talented people’s help. I do not give up.  I have a new look, tabs in the making, and a promise ahead.

I bring this out of history because as it is apropos today.

My package 2

After I sent the first post I received a call from the office and USPS had delivered it to them.  Hardly any of the delivery companies will deliver to the apartments any longer.  It makes no sense.  Anyway, to make the subject short I have my package and all have been put away and now I am relaxing again for a few minutes.

The eye doctor follow-up 2

In the morning I have my eye doctor follow-up.  I hope I can see her chart tomorrow.  I have been doing pretty good as long as the fall allergies stay away.  I use the tears a lot and I shampoo my eyes daily per the doctor.

An update will follow tomorrow.

Update follows:

It was a short visit, I go back in December to be tested for a lens transplant in January.  I asked her if she was the one that does it and she said yes.  I have confidence in her.  She said no babysitter needed just someone to drive me down and back home.  She wants to do the left eye first as it is the worse of the two.  She said if she did the laser the replacement would have to be done later anyway.  No cost to me thanks to my insurance.

Happy day 2

Today is a Happy day 2 for America, the suspect in the packages deliveries to the formal Presidents has been caught and arrested.  The market was going low but recovered a lot when the word was aired.  Great work to the American law enforcement.

Today also, my recovery continues and I feel much better but I still have a way to go.  Heck, I am even giving consideration to the other surgery where they remove and replace the lens in my eyes.

The weather is nasty out with a lot of rain so I, of course, will not be out in it.  It is a Friday, the last Friday of October.

I connected all of my computers to the router by wire this morning.  I see some improvement but it only three desktops connected.  I seem to have a better connection than when using wy-fy.

Happy day 3.