UPDATE to contact

I had to enter an update to my contact info on here.  It was a late change but a minor one.

I did make it out to vote this past Tuesday.  I got it over with now and will wait and see if my vote counted.

I did not play the lottery last night no winner so I hear, that means over 1 billion $s.  I would like to win it but my first thing it to buy a ticket.  We will see I will invest $2 just to win a billion or not.

Today we had some rain so it was indeed a 100% chance proven rain.

This afternoon as you can see I am active for a while using words to say nothing but maybe get caught up on some deeds that I have missed this past week.  I hate to feel lazy but sometimes with age, you will just feel that way.

I have to go on LinkedIn and get caught up on my week also,   Facebook, I may or may not go on there.  I have my reasons for saying that.

On Monday morning I have to do some LABs again.  I feel like a gas pump sometimes.

The morning of today, Friday 10/12

Vision is starting to better.  A long way from perfection but better.  This is my BETTER for today.

The weather was chilled today, but again it is that time of the year.  Yesterday I was running the camera over the top of the trees showing the treetops waving with the wind to a blue sky and no clouds.  Fall is here, the trees will begin to turn soon and the grass will stop growing for the winter.  Many trees will undress for the winter, in the spring will prepare to dress again, and by summer will be fully dressed for the heated days.

Some good news, the minister imprisoned in Turkey has been released and he and his wife should be headed to Germany for a medical review then back to America.  Great news.

A primary to talk about

The primary visit went well today and he told me to come back in 6 months.  Nothing extra to discuss nor talk about.

Next week I will be going to see the eye doctor for her review.  I see her trying to explain what is going on and she might be giving me something to help me.  I am sure the lens replacement will come up but again I am not sure of that one.

A struggle continues

To all of my followers, acquired friends, and writers-readers:  Let me update you on my progress.

Vision has been blurred, to say the least.  Pain? I’ve had none.  Aggravation as itch and tears.  Yesterday, the day went by good and so did most of today.  The sign is that all of this is a healing routine.  I have not had a vision good enough for me to sit and write or to read much.  I think it will be soon that I will be able to return to a hobby that I care for.  I just wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten your support.

Tomorrow will be here soon and I hope it will bring a better day of events.

Billy Bob and Sally Mae, the conclusion

I hope to add a little update to a story of a while back, that of Billy Bob and Sally Mae. I was able to contact them last evening and Billy Bob said that they got to the canyon and fell in love with the beauty so they decided to settle down out there and just enjoy the location and the people around them who did the same thing. He said that they had been so busy enjoying and relaxing that they would go out without their phone, and it did not have good service there anyway.
He said that they are living in their RV at a park for long-timers, for about $450 a month all included. He also said that no way could he own a house or rent one for that rate. The biggest problem is that they have to be careful at night if they go outside because of the sidewinders.
Sally Mae said hello also, I was unable to talk to her but I did send my regards.
Billy Bob was not able to talk much but he thanked me for calling and said that he was sorry for not getting back sooner.
This will conclude the travel of Billy Bob and Sally Mae.