Saturday 6/30, with a note

I woke this morning to a new day ahead, What will it bring?, I do not know.  I do know this, a chill in the air, inside the apartment, felt good to me.  My morning routine, now over as I know it, awaits phase two where I actually get to eat.  This will begin shortly.  The rest of the day may allow me to get out and about for a while.  I could use some fresh air. lol.  The state cities, and counties are doing so much construction around which makes it troublesome to even try to go anywhere.  I never predict what I will do until I get back from that mission.  I am very unstable when it comes to plans, all plans are subject to change at the drop of a hat.

Well it is time to eat now.  So I will do that with caution.


The first of the week I posted about a child that was sick.  I contacted my Doctor’s office on Thursday and I was told that on Wednesday the child passed on.  The NP, childs mother, will be back working in August.  I go this coming Tuesday and do my labs, then will see her in early August.  It is sad, cancer is nasty and unforgiving, I can attest to that.  I continue to send prayers for the family and a safe journey for the child.

Its decided in my favor

As James Brown said “I Feel Good”.  I received news this morning that I am now 100% disable.  I am still going to the two doctors in Atlanta next week just see.  I called VA this morning and said are these appointments still needed, he (did not sound all that experienced) said that I should go just in case.  There is another claim outstanding but that was because of  a flaw to upload information that was also sent via fax.  I ok I will go for now I have not issues.

To be humble in this outcome:  I think my GOD and the VA for their decision.

A correction

As I sit here writing the My GOD 3 I realized that I used the wrong my.  For some reason I used Mine which is a hole in the ground, where as, my is a possession, and mind is supposed to be the factor inside the brain.  Now, I know I know better than that, I also know that my helper knows better than that, so I here in correct my mistake.  I know an apology is a sign of weakness, but I do know better as I did go to school one day long ago.

Noted event

You may have heard by now Sears is closing 72 more stores in 2018.  They are slowly going the way of their other property K-Mart.

Another article was talking about traveling to and from work.  That is may cause health problems, many of which most people would not relate the two.  Alcohol, obesity, depression, and others.

Expecting a package?  UPS is set for a strike.  They do I think have some robot trucks but will they use them?

The person that I am supposed to help today, txt and said they received two calls today for job interviews one tomorrow and one friday.

I made it back, another positive vibrational day.

I went to the cardiologist this morning for a follow-up.  EKG was good, we discussed sleep.  And I got copies of my prior test.  All is good with them.

I am feeling good about things, high positive in my progress.   I see that I have a lot of catching up to do so I guess I need to get busy and then I can express my feelings about the postive vibrational day.