The morning of today, Sunday 10/21

The morning of today, Sunday 10/21

Today is a positive day, how do I know that? Fate tells me that if you are disillusioned long enough then positive must return. With my eye situation controlling my fate these past few weeks, I think I may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
Today is Sunday 10/21. It is the morning of today, and I may have a story to tell later today.
I woke at 12:45 AM, got up for a few minutes and for some reason I ended up in my lounge chair sleeping the rest of the day. I do not remember why I chose to do this but for sure I do not regret doing it as when I woke the next time I was rested and felt good. I must a good chair will sleep well any time.
Today I know laundry is on the agenda, as to what else I am not sure yet.
This is The morning of today, Sunday 10/21 so far.

The morning of today, Sunday 10/21 pt 2

A friend txt me and asked me to come down to the Waffle Housem I did. They were a bit busy this morning so I ate and soon we all were gone.

It was chilled out this morning. A bit of wind blowing.

I did not park my car in the garage when i got back, probably should have. As the song goes: it’s going to be alright.

It is The morning of today, Sunday 10/21.

Instructional videos

It tends to drive me nuts when on YouTube someone is presenting an instructional video and the announcer talks 100 wps(words/per/second)  while the listener is trying to keep up and learn something.  There is no way it can be done when it is an Adobe topic.  Then at the end, they say thank you for watching.  lol, I guess I am slow.  Now it is not all the videos that do this but it is saving time when they do I guess.

The morning of today, Saturday 10/6

It was in the evening of yesterday, Friday 19.5 that I wrote of using baby shampoo to comfort my eyes as they heal.  Well before bed last evening I did just that again and as I sleep I was required to get up occasionally and the discomfort was nill.  I knew that the use of baby shampoo to help clean the eyelids would work but with the surgeries, I was not sure about using this now.  I am now glad that i did think of it.

A pass on for those with mingled eyelids.  It is the morning of today, Saturday 10/6.