It is cool, some rain later

The weather currently is cool, low to mid 50s, later tonight it is predicted to be 10%, 20%, and 30% chance of rain.  Later in the week it is predicted to drop to 29° F, I have not heard of any rain that day.  I am happy that I have two garages to place my vehicles in out of the weather.  I hate to have clean the windshield before I can drive.  Sure it cost more but the benefit is awesome.

I was in a few stores this morning and they are loading up on Christmas items.  We have a Thanksgiving holiday later this month and the Friday afterwards which may be a day off it the Black Friday when shopping is crazy.  I went to one once and never will I ever do that again.  You almost need combat gear to buy something.

It is cool, some rain later, maybe.

Introduce yourself!

I have had this as a draft for some time, I still look at it and I honestly can say that I have no idea who I am any longer.  I am so many but so few and neither of which can I say who I am.  So I will close the draft by saying that I am myself, basically the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  I can dress in my cowboy hat and six guns while wearing blue jeans and western boots and play the part, I can dress in a suit and try to look the part, or I can dress in work clothes and think the part.  Underneath I am the still the same rugged tin soldier or sailor as I use to be.

All of this is me, I am now introduced to you.


Been watching some of the YouTube bloopers, for some reason I do not see that much humor in them.  I really saw more in the fashion shows than the bloopers.  Oh well, I can not be a critic of much as I truly do not find much humor funny so it is not often that I actually watch it.  I am more into the action type of program or informative types.  I guess in this case I can see me as the blooper today.

Watch the tube and enjoy what you may.

She entered into the house

She entered into the house, galumphed over to the couch and sat.  “What is wrong with you?” she was asked.  In hast, you enter and racing over to sit as if something was wrong in your world today.  “No, she replied, just a lot on my mind today.”

Sometimes a hasty move indicates that something may be bothering you,  I know that a word is out there in the psych books that describe this, I know not which word.

So, go ahead and galumph in hast and worry about the word later.