Been watching some of the YouTube bloopers, for some reason I do not see that much humor in them.  I really saw more in the fashion shows than the bloopers.  Oh well, I can not be a critic of much as I truly do not find much humor funny so it is not often that I actually watch it.  I am more into the action type of program or informative types.  I guess in this case I can see me as the blooper today.

Watch the tube and enjoy what you may.

She entered into the house

She entered into the house, galumphed over to the couch and sat.  “What is wrong with you?” she was asked.  In hast, you enter and racing over to sit as if something was wrong in your world today.  “No, she replied, just a lot on my mind today.”

Sometimes a hasty move indicates that something may be bothering you,  I know that a word is out there in the psych books that describe this, I know not which word.

So, go ahead and galumph in hast and worry about the word later.

A day of gloom

The rain began yesterday and will continue until tomorrow.  It really does not bother me but it does make me sleepy so I have to remain busy with something.  I have most of the day even if I caught myself trying to sleep this morning.

I have not heard any critters today except for the dog next door.  I think she was happy to get out of the house for a minute to take care of some business.

I have been playing with Microsoft PowerPoint today with a small project.  For some reason, Adobe and PP are not working well together.  I will figure it out

I may just leave my SUV out in the rain tonight and let it get wet. lol.  It needs gas anyway,k I guess I could take both vehicles over a gas them up.  Not sure yet.

I just wanted to air something to see what happens with.