It has cooled off a lot

The temperature has dropped a lot from earlier hours.  I expect a cool night for this area tonight.  I do not think any snow will be in the making, however, it could be by Tuesday.  I do know that the rain will return later this week and will last for at least ten days.  I have the one doctor on Thursday to review my right eye, on the 2nd I will have a new lens unless something changes in the plans.

The weather has cooled off a lot this afternoon.


My TV for tonight has been laid to sleep, I am about to move in that direction also.  I am getting my locomotion in gear and begin my migration toward that creature called a bed.  I call it a creature because it really does not treat me right, but again, I am getting used to that also from so many sources.

I remember the song of many years past, “Locomotion”.  I use to enjoy hearing it but I never tried to dance to it.

Good Morning World

Good morning world, had a great sleep last night and I am now ready to put up with the rain outside all day.  My travels today will be in the Elantra, I parked the SUV for at least today.  It’s Friday, all day which means a payday, Kins need not apply,

I have been thinking about what I have to do today and so far I can think of nothing.  So I will spend the day here doing whatever and moving on from there.


Holiday travel

I am for sure glad that I do not have to travel on long weekend holidays.  The traffic will be heavy for at least 50 miles and much food is eaten.  Ball games, friends, and family and great food, that is what it is all about, to be Thankful for all one has and the so many other things.

Holiday travel soon to be.

A revelation

I sit here thinking then suddenly I have a revelation from the past.  It is a good fun memory I think, I recall the early morning susurrous sounds of morning, and like clock-work, a special sound appears…it is the Happy bird singing its song of the day, a mating song or just a happy song of course only a bird comprehends and certainly not I.

A revelation from the past to reoccur again next seasons travel of Happy bird.