Yesterday was a balmy day when compared to the last few days.  It was rain all day on Saturday, today it is suppose to be windy and cool, cold for tomorrow, and more rain later in the week.  It could be much worse but around here it may change in a second of time.


Going through life

A person, any person, while going through life and its ups and downs at times one may tend to feel guilty of something that they have said or did.  When thinking it through and consulting with others you may find the answer that you are hoping for.  Some people will rag you daily, others will believe in you daily, and some just do not care at all.  At some point, you will find the justice that you may be seeking and at that time you will be exculpated from the guilt that has been on your back for so long and will be free to move on just going through life.

Up, I am

I moved to the bed instead of the recliner.  Wow, that was a painful decision.  It is 4:35 AM EST now and I am up, about, and trying to recover from some of the pain.  A word of advice, if you are young stay young, if you are old as I then your damage has already about you.  I am up now and I shall go on about my day remembering how it was and how it is today.  I will not feel sorry for myself, nor will I complain but I will just keep on keeping on until father time reminds that my day is in the past, not today.

A travel back in time

I was just watching a show on Netflix about Professional Bodybuilding.  I remember many years back into my younger years, comic books and various magazines had adds in them about Charles Atlas, and Joe Weider’s body building programs.  I purchased some of them but never accomplished much with the programs.  The reason for my interest was that when I joined the military in 1965, I weighed 119 soaking wet.  My sport in school was track.  I wanted some meat on me.  So how wrong I was to think that.  I gained during the military time, now it causes many problems and much pain.  I have not doubled my weight but close, as in horseshoes.

This is my travel back in time for today.

The 11th month, the 11th day, the 11th hour

Many years ago the end of WW1 came about.  Lets us never forget the sacrifices of the many forces combined for the good of so many.  Even if it was short-lived before WW2 All gave some, and some gave All.

Not many of the veterans are left from that period in time, so if you see a Veteran from all wars or just for their service say hello, it would mean a lot, a Thank You would also be appreciated.

Thank you to all Veterans and Welcome home.