Today I shall

I have a couple of things to do today, one is to clean my tchotchke while I enjoy my slumgullion with a spot of tea.  After this, I shall find another project to engage in like some study items, or things to do issues.  I know I will be washing dishes because they are already in the washer ready for me to light the fire.

Today I shall clean my tchotchke items and enjoy some slumgullion.



Been watching some reruns, of course, I do not have traditional television I use apps and Ragu, or Firestick.  It is enough for me.  Cheaper also.  Netflix is one of my most watched.  Many times I just go over to YouTube, they to have an app for movies etc.  I do not use it right now.

The morning of today 9/22

The morning of today 9/22, the first day of Fall has gotten off to a slow start.  It has not been long since I pulled myself out of bed and not feeling the best I continue to move on in my routine of the day.  I am positive and therefore, I know that things will get better as long as I do not give into bad vibrations.  I am so far from nowhere and yet so close to everywhere.

The evening of yesterday 9/21, I had been thinking of it, so I moved one computer to HDMI connection on one of my TVs.  I already had one computer, Ragu, and Fire Stick connected to the other HDMI slot.  One would ask why? IDK to be honest I guess I am trying to centralize all of them into one area of the apartment.  I will try it a while till I figure it out and then make adjustments as needed.

The morning of today 9/22

A hook up

I finally completed a hook up which allowed my professional camcorder to work through my computer and record.  I was not able tonight to hook up a video into OBS, tomorrow when the sun is up I will try a couple of programs to see if I can go online with this camcorder.  Panasonic AV DVX100B.  The BBC used a camera like this one during conflicts over in the combat in Iraq and the area.  I have accomplished a lot with this camera lately and for what I paid for it I am very happy.  It fits in with my other video camera and DSLR.

Photo and video

Finally I was able to bring up still photos from two HD cameras.  Both cameras are still and HD video with fantastic presentation.  I have also brought them up via the computer and on my TV screen which is the monitor for my computer.  All content is saved to a SD card.  I will go to bed with a smile.  These cameras are not my DSLR which can do the same thing either video or still.  Lol I am doing this without the use of my Blackmagic presenter.

I had to brag for a minute, I will know more about what I am doing.  I will try to produce something tomorrow and present it online as a Vblog.  Laughs lol.