Days of the past

When I woke today, I had an issue that was on my mind.  I had paid my rent on the apartment using bill pay from my bank, I knew better but I still was trying to use services that were provided.  I do not use paper checks, do not believe in them.  We had a holiday, so the delivery was moved around by the bank in the processing.  Well it was a sizable value and I know the three day rule of the apartments lease.  The check had cleared the bank but not delivered as of yesterday, today when the mail was delivered, my check was delivered and I was sitting in the office.  I was so relieved.

I had to purchase a new printer this morning, the old one for some reason had a failure code of 97 and I could not find the problem.  I got a cheap HP but full function, heck it even has its own email.  I guess I can go online 1000 miles away and go on line and print at home.  What is this world coming to, a machine with an email.

Now, as I do this, I have Elvis on YouTube doing his Gospel songs.  He for sure was good at that, of course I guess it did not pay as well as Rock n Roll.  I saw one of his concerts once in 1976 in Omaha, NE, the same year that I joined the Navy.

Days of the past…miss those days but life moves on for the good or bad.

I did go to

I did make the adventure to the next stage of an interest of mine.  Well, before I express my opinion of my internet adventure of which I write, let me say the rain, however, lite is still rain so I invested my time to YouTube’s photographic section and had a good and long presentation of landscape photography.  It was a good presentation in many parts and descriptions until the presenter started to tear up over the views.  They were awesome views of different parts of the world.  I am interested in that kind of art and also that of macro-photography of flowers, insects, and other views.  So yes, I did go to YouTube for a while today.

It has cooled off a lot

The temperature has dropped a lot from earlier hours.  I expect a cool night for this area tonight.  I do not think any snow will be in the making, however, it could be by Tuesday.  I do know that the rain will return later this week and will last for at least ten days.  I have the one doctor on Thursday to review my right eye, on the 2nd I will have a new lens unless something changes in the plans.

The weather has cooled off a lot this afternoon.

Moving westward

Moving westward

The daylight arrived early this morning,  As I began to join in the festivities of sunrise and doing things as usual, it got stranger and stranger.  The noon hour as we know has passed into the Pacific Ocean and headed to Hawaii.  I have never heard how Hawaii fared the storm last week, I care because I have been there and people were involved, I just do not watch a lot of news any longer, as it is said in a song it is all the same.  I did hear that young people wants the free things given to them that Clinton and Sanders promised them.  Some radicals are wanting Socialism.  Whatever happen to the belief in America?

I am not sure if much was said above that justified a title of Moving westward, but it was placed at the head because the subject was about the sunlight moving westward.  I guess I ran out of words.  Maybe I need to get into buttonhole situation so I will know what is going on.  Nah, I would be a taciturn and accomplish nothing.

My Amazon order arrived today and then I get a message from Amazon saying that my order was delayed longer than promised so they are going to refund my shipping cost.  Wow, I am not sure that is good news or bad news.  I did know it was late.  I will order something else later today and it will be here on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I have another blood test on Tuesday morning.

I thought I saw a flea a few minutes ago, I have been itching ever since.  Everyone around me has a dog, the weather is such that fleas are around, and I am sure most of the dog owners are good people and take care of their dogs, also I know others do not.  I do not think I have received a flea bite just yet but I also do not want one no time soon.

Moving westward sunlight,

Cross the waters and be a sailor’s delight

May the seas be calm and storm free

A thing we old Sailors wish to see

Calm seas and following winds

A sailor’s to do it again.

Tuesday’s sun prepares

As the Tuesday sun prepares to set in the west, I on the other hand prepare for the evening of discomfort.  Not that I am sick or anything, it just a mood that strikes me from time to time.  I just got the word that the nice couple, soon to be three, up stairs has decided to soon make their relocation plans.  I guess the expenses have gotten to them, they are young and with the first one on the way, they need more for less.  I say good luck on finding that life style, but buying would be the way to go if they can afford it and do find the right place.  I wish them the very best.

I do not regret selling my house that I had 4 years ago, but I do miss it, it had gotten too big for me, a 6 bedroom and 3 bath split level on 2.25 acres.  But here I do not have $600 electric bills, maybe $70 per month.

This is the way it is on Tuesday as the sun prepares to set in the west.