A complexity of life

I do not have a mind to comprehend the many complexities because not that I do not have the capacity to comprehend but the view and understanding of what I can relate.  Many great minds have concluded over the pre-years the relationships that compose the movements, sounds, viewings, motions, and so many other parts related to the combinations of our life.

Galileo, Newton, Aristotle, Mozart, and so many others with minds and organization abilities, all of which gave us the phones, teletype, nuclear power, Lazar, and yes, I could probably agree that some of the now necessities we could do without but have used daily to the point of habit.  The great ones have used math to qualify life of all things.  Predictions and actions are all associated with math throughout our lives.

Math, A complexity of life.

An act of self encouragement

In my opinion, and I do this because I am a soliloquy, it is an act of self-encouragement.  I guess it is open for discussion or opinionative.  It is a way to study, a way to criticize one’s self, and/or a way to self-encourage one’s self.  I like to word myself.