Today, the Friday before

Today, the Friday before Christmas and all is complete, shopping all done for me, and as I move forward into a new year I so hope for changes and improvements to my life.  I know of nothing that I want or need today other than improvement in life and to wake a few more days.  This represents my wishes for the coming years ahead.

Today, the Friday before…?


The bicycle

The bicycle use to be, back in the day, a means for young people to get around, to operate a paper delivery service, to make a trip to the grocery to pick up some items for dinner and return home, and so many other uses.  I remember it well as I did all of the above, weather was not an option.

A few years I invested in a bicycle with gears and other things that I knew nothing about.  The seat, for sure, was to small for my body.  I purchased it because I wanted to save, and exercise all at the same time, when I completed my trip, I am not sure if I gave it away or what but it was a one trip operation.

I look around and I do not see kids doing the paper delivery service for income any more, but again they have many laws against it also.  Sad but true.

The bicycle the way of the past, a remembrance.

The afternoon of today, Monday 10/8

Much has happened today and I am so surprised how today had turned out.  I investigated using search the G5 which will be out later this month with Verizon.  It will be so impressive, technology has made so many strides since the beginning of the space program that JFK started.  If it continues as it is now no telling what will happen in the next few years.  Microsoft has the Azure function which is a massive operation but it will cost for the use.  I have it with my Business Office 365 and I have been looking at it but have not tried to use it.  I am an administrator of my Office 365 system.

I ordered groceries using Instacart which uses a local grocery chain.  I ordered some things from Amazon also.  I do not like going to the store shopping.

For a while last night I sleep on my bed until I woke and decided to go back to the recliner and finish my night out.  Today my eyes have been doing much better, I had thought about going to see my eye doctor, but I do have an appointment with my primary this week and my eye doctor next week.  I think I made the right decision to wait will the visits come about.

For now this is the afternoon of today, Monday 10/8.

The morning of today

The dark side of light is coming to an end for not, the morning of today.  A restful morning precedes this post.  Ok, so what is going on today?  Well,  Lets see, I have scheduled a repairman to come and repair one of my bathroom sinks.  They just did it not long ago but left parts off and fixed it with crappy replacement parts.  I am going to try to make a few calls to get some money arrangements restructured.  I have a grocery order delivering on Thursday so I may add a few more items to it before they close it out.

My next doctor visit is next Monday, then on Wednesday of next week I will be doing what I did the last week but the upper eyelids.  I so hope that it will go as smooth and painless as the one I did the last week.  Then just visits (follow-ups) will be taking place with many other doctors.

The morning of today 9/17 2BC.


I ordered my groceries a few days ago and requested today as the delivery date.  In the order I initially ordered fried okra at one pound.  They asked if onion rings would work if the okra was not available and I said yes and increased to 1.75 pounds.  I received the fried okra.  I am a very senior person, raised on a farm where okra and squash were eaten regularly.  I picked a lot of each as a kid, but never ate either.  A few years ago when I was eating out with friends I ate some fried okra.  My excuse was that it would sting me when I picked it was the reason I would not eat it.  Well, when I ate it I fell in love with it and now I will eat it often.  But now, squash is a different critter, to this day I will not eat it and I do not care how it is fixed, like green tomatoes yuk.  I had an enjoyable eat a few minutes ago, OKRA.

I have found that it cost a little more, not much, for me to put an order in via the computer and they shop, pack, and deliver to my door within two hours.  I have no lines, do not get ran over by golf carts, and all of the other discomforts associated with shopping in a large store. is the name of the site that I order from.

So yep, Okra is the name of the game today.  I have an order in the making from Amazon which also deliveries to the door within a day or two.  Cost a little different but I do stay home and not out in the way of the inconsiderate.