My TV for tonight has been laid to sleep, I am about to move in that direction also.  I am getting my locomotion in gear and begin my migration toward that creature called a bed.  I call it a creature because it really does not treat me right, but again, I am getting used to that also from so many sources.

I remember the song of many years past, “Locomotion”.  I use to enjoy hearing it but I never tried to dance to it.

A complexity of life

I do not have a mind to comprehend the many complexities because not that I do not have the capacity to comprehend but the view and understanding of what I can relate.  Many great minds have concluded over the pre-years the relationships that compose the movements, sounds, viewings, motions, and so many other parts related to the combinations of our life.

Galileo, Newton, Aristotle, Mozart, and so many others with minds and organization abilities, all of which gave us the phones, teletype, nuclear power, Lazar, and yes, I could probably agree that some of the now necessities we could do without but have used daily to the point of habit.  The great ones have used math to qualify life of all things.  Predictions and actions are all associated with math throughout our lives.

Math, A complexity of life.

What to do

What to do when a young kid ask you a question about sex?  Run for shelter, defer the kid to the parents, or color an answer to their level.

What to do when someone asks you for a loan?  A hard question to answer.  What are you comfortable with, a promise of repayment (never to come), can you afford the loss if repayment never occurs, is there a level of trust between you and the other party?  It is a personal decision and I would caution against it from experience with friends and family.

Other than the above two events I would say it is a consideration that you would most likely be uncomfortable with, at least I am: borrowing your car, borrowing tools, and so forth.

What to do when confronted?  Be careful!

Suggestive question, rejective decision

When people desire a friendship and during various conversations are entertained which in time will lead to suggestive questions.  A decision of one shall result with a rejective decision.  A friendship loan with partial payback and the offer of suggestive activities will not work and cannot be entertained.

A suggestive question, rejective decision.