The night has came

Soon to bed, rain continues through tomorrow.  I acknowledge tomorrow as a special day in my life even if the end came years ago.

I find myself doing well these days, I hope that the wellness will continue.  I have the one doctor on Monday early morning, the other was moved to the 7th again at early morning.  It eased my rushing between the two on the same day a couple of hours apart.

At least it has not turned cold yet, maybe tonight but I have studied for that and I have a blanket ready to save me.

What will tomorrow hold for me?  A good question and I have varied answers and I am sure that none of them are applicable.

The night has came and the rain continues.


I am awaiting

I am awaiting the arrival of the Transport to Starship 6 for a weekend visit and relaxation period.  I will refresh my cyber knowledge.


I will be active here over the weekend, as we have a much complex system of communication that I have here at home.

My eyes are

As I sit here, my eyes are about to shut.  I have for the most part been dozing while I was sitting here doing a course on LinkedIn about Azure.  I will finish it tomorrow and do another one or two also.  I am not sure but I have eaten too much since 5 PM.  I do feel like it but when I get into bed it will all go away by morning when I have to get up.  I will say this much, it has been a positive day, and I believe tomorrow will be another one plus a beautiful day.

My eyes are about to shut.