A travel between high and low

If you see the world in a blurry way

You go to the doctor and set all day

He tells you to eat differently, take some pills and come back in three

A change from pills to shots to better your chances

It is the numbers game, labs, A1c, and meals, good or bad

It is worth sticking to it, even if you do not feel right.

He’ll say your blood sugar is too high and the world is fine

Exercise, change your diet, low to no carbs during a meal

Your A1C should be a certain number to be good.

Now should you be reversed, sweaty, weak, and hard to do for yourself

You need to take one or two of the diabetic sugar wafers

Check your sugar levels, eat something – cheese, peanut butter, orange juice

You eat to increase your sugar and to stabilize.

Somewhere between the sweat and the blur is ideal, a phantom number

It is ideal to travel from high to low and not cross either end.

Note: I am no doctor, these words are an experience

The chill increases with time

The morning came with a chill

The day matured with minor warmth

In-house heat medium set

The comfort zone has been reached but slightly elevated

The truth is the chill increases with time

Proportional set allows as heat rises, the chill declines

The chill increases with time to prepare an action for comfort.

A day to hold

A man or woman

A wrinkle of smoothness

An up in the markets

a down in the markets

Imprisoned or released

In transit for medical review

America by morning

An election in the future

An election to win, the power to have

An election to lose, a power to pass on

May we rejoice and support

May we all stay free and strong.


The battle goes on in the world of yesteryear

The cry to surrender is loud and clear

Surrender does not honor the fallen so why saith

We shall battle until they cry wolf

We shall honor those that gave all

The cry to surrender is louder and clearer than before

But the battle goes on in the world of yesteryear.