I did go to

I did make the adventure to the next stage of an interest of mine.  Well, before I express my opinion of my internet adventure of which I write, let me say the rain, however, lite is still rain so I invested my time to YouTube’s photographic section and had a good and long presentation of landscape photography.  It was a good presentation in many parts and descriptions until the presenter started to tear up over the views.  They were awesome views of different parts of the world.  I am interested in that kind of art and also that of macro-photography of flowers, insects, and other views.  So yes, I did go to YouTube for a while today.

The sun has risen into a Monday

The dark has passed on and the sun has risen into a Monday.  From all indications, it seems to be moving toward becoming a good Monday.  Suppose to be a warmer day and from there who knows.  My plans are open for things to do, I am sure I will find something, at least I think you will be hearing from me off and on today.

I will continue the excavation project here at the apartment.  Not really a lot to do but if one sits around and looks at it enough then yes it looks like a lot of stuff.

I do not start my doctor visits again until Thursday, I just canceled one due to a conflict, the other one which I kept I need it more anyway.

I was thinking about something funny last night so here it goes.

You know little kids will look at you, ask many questions, then from their point will come out and tell something about you to make you feel like one cent.  A camera is like a little kid and it will not hold back on what it tells about you.  A little kid does not know how to lie and not does a camera.

A hook up

I finally completed a hook up which allowed my professional camcorder to work through my computer and record.  I was not able tonight to hook up a video into OBS, tomorrow when the sun is up I will try a couple of programs to see if I can go online with this camcorder.  Panasonic AV DVX100B.  The BBC used a camera like this one during conflicts over in the combat in Iraq and the area.  I have accomplished a lot with this camera lately and for what I paid for it I am very happy.  It fits in with my other video camera and DSLR.


I am first to admit that I am not the most goal setting person out here.  I celebrate the fact that I do reach some goal and get acknowledged from it.  I really do not work toward bells and whistles, I do envy those that are able to do that and Good for Them.  I do pride myself when I do reach a goal regardless of how I look at it for myself.  I also, will highly encourage young people to set goals that will benefit them and to work toward each of them.  To be honest in the travel to the goal, cheaters get no where in life except to reach the bottom and the replay is not fun.

I am approaching the 700 connection level on LinkedIn, I finally got my professional camcorder connection problem worked out, and am again also doing the courses to benefit me in so many directions.  I have never sat down to plan a goal to do any of these events.  I do appreciate it all and I will give my honest effort to share with others my knowledge should I be approached.

This is my story and I am sharing.