Temp is up and down

Technically the temp has not changed, but my body thinks different.  I just removed my outer shirt which I was using as a jacket.  Got hot for now.  I know it is cool outside but I am inside.  I just got my diabetes meter downloaded to my phone using Bluetooth.  I think I tried it before but I do not remember that many days ago, 2 years I think.  Guess the smartphone can be smart.  I know I can use for NDI communications if I want.  I like it when a plan comes together.

Call tracking app

I downloaded a call tracking app to my cell phone a few days ago.  Today I removed it because the app would control all my calls and not allow me to answer the phone from anyone.  The intent was good, however, it was troublesome to use.

A yo yo

I queried the difference between the new iPhone and the  Samsung Note 9.  The results varied in so many ways, cameras, speed, cost, charging problems, and so on.  I think I am still leaning toward the Note 9, not that I will be buying one without much more thought. I saw the comparison as a yo-yo.

Update of a decision will follow at such time that I make a decision.