HTML coding

I was on YouTube listening to a course about HTML.  It looks easy but I would need to be able to read and apply at the same time.  Then the CSS codes kick in, and there so many of them out there all of which fits into a publication of content.

I will stay traditional and use words, even if I make some up sometime.  Webster did so why can’t I?

It is about time for me to go and garage my car, I really do not have to but I am paying for space to house them so I should use them and the vehicles will be ready in the morning when I go for my LABS.

Until later this is the gator away and soon to return with more cyber action.

Eyes of fire

I have been experiencing burning of my eyes the past few days.  I am not sure what is causing it, I thought my eye appointment was next week but it the on the 23rd, the week afterward.  I do still have some swelling of the upper eyelids.  The white of the eye is red streaked also.  I try to stay inside for now and out of the bright sun.  I was talking with someone a couple of days ago and I stated that I regret doing the surgeries now.  It will probably be ok once the swelling is gone and the burning stops.  But for now I have the eyes of fire.

A new day,a new time, a new adventure

I came through the night with a new look into my forward growth.  It is not that much has changed but much improvement has come about.  I am not there just yet but as of now I see much improvement and have been able to see much better this morning.

I await the storm, wind, and rain as it will pass through my area today and tomorrow.  We will get a lot of rain with some wind but I do not see much damage from it.  PCB will be a mess with a Cat 4 knocking at the door.

It will be a new day, a new time, anew adventure, and I will remain positive about my recovery.

The afternoon of today, Monday 10/8

Much has happened today and I am so surprised how today had turned out.  I investigated using search the G5 which will be out later this month with Verizon.  It will be so impressive, technology has made so many strides since the beginning of the space program that JFK started.  If it continues as it is now no telling what will happen in the next few years.  Microsoft has the Azure function which is a massive operation but it will cost for the use.  I have it with my Business Office 365 and I have been looking at it but have not tried to use it.  I am an administrator of my Office 365 system.

I ordered groceries using Instacart which uses a local grocery chain.  I ordered some things from Amazon also.  I do not like going to the store shopping.

For a while last night I sleep on my bed until I woke and decided to go back to the recliner and finish my night out.  Today my eyes have been doing much better, I had thought about going to see my eye doctor, but I do have an appointment with my primary this week and my eye doctor next week.  I think I made the right decision to wait will the visits come about.

For now this is the afternoon of today, Monday 10/8.