A hook up

I finally completed a hook up which allowed my professional camcorder to work through my computer and record.  I was not able tonight to hook up a video into OBS, tomorrow when the sun is up I will try a couple of programs to see if I can go online with this camcorder.  Panasonic AV DVX100B.  The BBC used a camera like this one during conflicts over in the combat in Iraq and the area.  I have accomplished a lot with this camera lately and for what I paid for it I am very happy.  It fits in with my other video camera and DSLR.

High def camera training

Today has been a very interesting day.  A few days ago I ordered a Blackmagic Web Presenter and a converter.  These items allow me to bring my High Def camera materials online for storage and/or processing.  I have been trying two of my cameras and I have one working so far.  I have not tried the DSLR yet I will reserve it till the last.  I think I have found the answer about how to do this.  I want to move on to my laptop tomorrow.  The worse is now complete, the rest is an easy way to move on with this project.

I have one cable coming in tomorrow to use with the big computer.  I think it will work great then.


Shadow talk

WOW, I was just sitting here alone and thinking about something, words and punctuations.  I loaded one of my streaming apps, OBS, and I begun talking to myself as if I was in a conversation with a friend.  I recorded it, in fact two different times, and then played them back so I could talk to me again.  We talked using our first name.  It was just like we had been friends for many years.  I even commented him on his clothes, I told him that I was wearing the same clothes, he said really?  I was not excited and that guy Jabberwocky did not even show up.

So, if you ever find yourself thinking and want someone to brainstorm with, bring out your video camera and record yourself then play it back record some more etc.  It works for me.  Shadow talk I shall call it.