Companies that overcharge

I could get in trouble with some of my government providers if they saw this and put my name with it.  I just do not give a damn should this happen.

I went to one of my insurance sites this morning to look at a claim that had cleared.  I noted the details for test strips and lancet. One claim was up into the $400 brackets.  I do know first hand, that I can go online and locate at least three or four vendors that will sell me direct twice the product for near that cost.  I was happy to see the insurance authorized a lower value and paid the difference than what the primary insurance had paid.

In my complaint to my insurance company, I did ask if I bought the product out of my pocket would then reimburse me for the cost that I paid.  I have no reply as of it.  I will be interested to find out what they say.  I noted also one doctor that I use charged over $400 for a 15 minute visit.  I have specialist type doctors that charge half that much and do more in time and other things that he does and he is primary.

Wow, Well Jabberwocky got excited again.

A child with cancer

I had a lab appointment for tomorrow so I called to confirm it and found out that all appointments related to my NP had been canceled.  My NP’s daughter has a cancer and so she is no longer there to practice.  The office is trying to figure out what to do with all of her patients.  The clerk that I talked to told me that she would let me know later this week what to do.  I was saddened to hear she is gone, and I respect her for wanting to help her daughter.  Cancer is nasty, the treatment for cancer is horrific.

A child with cancer regardless who they are, where their from, I feel for each and every one.  My prayers go out for each of them.

Doctor Krauthammer

Personally, I did not know the man, I  did listen to him on Fox News often.  I enjoyed his commentations, the story of this life, the accident, and how he made it through Harvard medical school.  He spoke not long ago and said he was tired and the fight was over, he was talking about his cancer battle.  As a cancer survivor, I can say it is a hard battle to win.  I want to express my condolences to the family and friends.  In my opinion, he was a great person, bad luck, but a good life as he could make it.  RIP, Doctor Charles Krauthammer dead at 68.

This and that

Some days I feel like this, other days I feel like that, so I ask, which day would I feel good or fantastic?  Admittedly, for me to feel good or fantastic would be farfetched at best.

To my initial question, is this and that like going to a doctor, he/she asking when they enter the room, Hello James, How are you? my response would be well or good as far as I know.  My thought has always been if you are good or well then why are at a doctor’s office?

In response to the thought of the doctor’s office visit, I would conclude that a scheduled visit ( follow-up),

For any case, it remains that some days I feel like this, and other days I feel like that.  This just the way that is.