This and that

Some days I feel like this, other days I feel like that, so I ask, which day would I feel good or fantastic?  Admittedly, for me to feel good or fantastic would be farfetched at best.

To my initial question, is this and that like going to a doctor, he/she asking when they enter the room, Hello James, How are you? my response would be well or good as far as I know.  My thought has always been if you are good or well then why are at a doctor’s office?

In response to the thought of the doctor’s office visit, I would conclude that a scheduled visit ( follow-up),

For any case, it remains that some days I feel like this, and other days I feel like that.  This just the way that is.

Pain of the feet

  • Pain, my Pain I toll with you all day
  • Pain, you are extreme today, I know not why
  • I ask, why me?, yes, my pain I am diabetic,
  • That is not why you torture me as you have today.
  • Pain, I am so used to you and your antics, and I do not succumb before
  • Pain, so unbearable, a battle that I can no longer sustain,
  • Pain, I did a short time ago succumb to your agitation
  • I laid for a short nap, and you gave in for now.
  • I know you connive to inflect more discomfort,
  • Pain, bring your friends, I will battle as long as I can,
  • I have no desire to surrender to you or any other force today,
  • Only one force, a comforting force shall I surrender to and lay down my arms
  • Pain, you are of the Devil and you matter not to me,
  • Pain, if I succumb to you with full surrender, I will be routed straight to Hell.
  • My GOD please reinforce my will not to succumb to the other,
  • The torture of my feet unbearable to me, but I shall fight as long as it takes.
  • Pain, go away, you are warned positive life lives here in this body.

Diabetes Mellitus pt2

The chart is for your better understanding of diabetes mellitus.

See the source image

Medication for treatment of Diabetes will vary by your blood test results and your A1C interpretation.

I have taken so many different pills, a few non-insulin shots once a week, and now two different insulin one fast acting and the other long acting.  The short needles are the best not a lot of pain and will do the job.  But that is your doctors call not yours or anyone else.  If I could fix someone who had diabetes, then I would be a doctor doing that for everyone.  There is also a pump that can control your insulin intake should you get to that point.  I hope you never get to that point and do pills all the time if needed.

One thing that I do want to stress is that it can be controlled, get a good nutritionist, and a good diabetes doctor.  They will tell you how, point you into the right direction and it is up to you to do or not.  If you do not work at it, then you will swell in the legs and hurt.  I will say this low carbs.


Diabeties Mellitus

References:  Personal experience, Diabetic doctors, MD, Kidney doctors, ADA and other readings of the medical profession.  A list will follow in the next addition.

I do not have a medical degree and I have no intention to diagnose the reader or treat a reader.  I am writing from research, personal experiences, and I will refer to articles that have been published by medical doctors.  I have been under doctors care since 1995 for diabetes type II.  I began treatment with pills, and diet.  I will take you down the road that I have traveled then at the end I will leave you with a couple of thoughts to consider.

  • Type 1 and Type II
  • Estimated 3 million cases per year
  • No none cure, but can be treated by lowering the blood sugar levels i.e., A1C levels
  • Can cause death, kidney disease, stroke, heart problems, and peripheral nerve damage, and other problems as well.
  • Is related or causes many other disorders, hypertension, hypoglycemia, eye problems and other.
  • Developes from inadequate production of insulin
  • Cells may not be using or responding  to insulin production in a proper way.
  • Controlled diet can aid in the reduction of blood sugar
  • Exercise also contributes to a reduction of blood sugar.

If I may interject here personal experiences:  I am controlled to a A1C level of 6.3 which is good, the best is below 6.0 and the doctors get concerned when above 7.0.  When I visit a doctor I can expect a blood test which will include an A1C result.  The A1C represents your diet and blood conditions for the last 3 months.

When I was first told that I was diabetic, I could not believe it.  My mother had it bad, as did others in my family,  but not me I am never sick.  Yep, that is stupid thinking.  Eyes became b blurred, filling crazy and that was me.  I was on the medications, pills, at the time and I was driving trucks at that time.  So, I was being stupid and I came off my meds for a while.  My vision was acting up, so I took a sugar reading, simple test, and my reading was over 500.  Well when I got home I went to the doctor and got myself back on the medication.  This was in the 1990’s.  Today I am on one shot three times a day, and one shot at bedtime.  No pills now.  I have things like Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), I am hypoglycemic (low blood sugar).  So, I look at is a cancer, and I have had a cancer also, it will take you down slowly, and you will now what is going on until it tells you to go to see the doctor.  My mother had a number of strokes and was paralyzed before she passed.

When a doctor says this is wrong with you, do research, learn all you can about it, work with the doctors, ask questions, and they can help you.  I will have more on this subject soon.  I hate to see anyone down in life.  Life is too good to lose if you can avoid it.