To the apothecary, the bank

I needed a couple of things, I asked “Wal-Mart or Apothecary” and to the Bank.  So I decided on just the apothecary and bank for now.  I came back home and housed my SUV in the garage.  I have what I needed plus a couple of things.  Some of the main needs will be here later in the week from Amazon.  Oh, did I say that I normally do not use the word Apothecary, I just say the drug store.  I first was exposed to the word apothecary when I was in Germany.

The eye doctor follow-up 2

In the morning I have my eye doctor follow-up.  I hope I can see her chart tomorrow.  I have been doing pretty good as long as the fall allergies stay away.  I use the tears a lot and I shampoo my eyes daily per the doctor.

An update will follow tomorrow.

Update follows:

It was a short visit, I go back in December to be tested for a lens transplant in January.  I asked her if she was the one that does it and she said yes.  I have confidence in her.  She said no babysitter needed just someone to drive me down and back home.  She wants to do the left eye first as it is the worse of the two.  She said if she did the laser the replacement would have to be done later anyway.  No cost to me thanks to my insurance.

A shower under restriction

The new owners came out and put restrictions on the water faucets and added new commodes, neither of them work worth a dang.   The shower tonight did feel good but with the heat of the apartment and the lukewarm water from the shower it turned out ok.

I had to go and buy me a grip bar today, I need two or three so I ordered some from Amazon which will be here Wednesday.  I almost fell last week while my friend was here and she helped out of the tub.  The mat on the bottom of the tub slid with me.  I broke a towel bar trying to catch myself.

I justify all of this because I do not want to fall and bump my head, they can’t get help so I might have to go on a vacation.

A shower under restriction.

The Robot call

Last evening my doctor’s office robot called me to remind me that I have an appointment tomorrow.  Ok, I knew that.  No their office is closed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Robot says if I have a problem to call the office?  It also gave me a choice, press 1 to confirm, 2 to cancel, and 3 to reschedule.  I was half asleep, fingers large for the keyboard, and I can’t see all that well anyway.  My finger moved over the keyboard toward 1 and I guess it hit 2, I do not know.  The robot said I canceled and my appointment is now canceled.  I will be at the office when they open.  I never cancel, this time or any time.

Update to follow tomorrow.


I went to the doctor’s office this morning and they said that I would have no problems to get in.  I was told that it would be 10:00 AM but I got called back at 8:00 AM.  All went well, she changed my amounts for dinner and bedtime and that is cool.  I come back after the first of the year.

Others complained about the Robot calls also.