A complexity of life

I do not have a mind to comprehend the many complexities because not that I do not have the capacity to comprehend but the view and understanding of what I can relate.  Many great minds have concluded over the pre-years the relationships that compose the movements, sounds, viewings, motions, and so many other parts related to the combinations of our life.

Galileo, Newton, Aristotle, Mozart, and so many others with minds and organization abilities, all of which gave us the phones, teletype, nuclear power, Lazar, and yes, I could probably agree that some of the now necessities we could do without but have used daily to the point of habit.  The great ones have used math to qualify life of all things.  Predictions and actions are all associated with math throughout our lives.

Math, A complexity of life.

To toss a coin across the lake

To toss a coin across the lake

Requires control and understanding

Is it good luck or bad luck, what is luck?

Luck a skill with no experience

So why toss a coin across the lake anyway

If you go over to look for it, not likely you will find it

If you find it then you can say you won or broke even

The odds would dictate the coin would drop into the lake

So you lose should that happen

To toss a coin across the lake, not!

The sun surrenders to the moon

  • As I set in viewing of a movie I notice the approach of dark into my room
  • The brightness of the sun has begun surrendering to the moon
  • The light of the moon is dependent upon the light of the sun
  • The cool of night is proportional to the angle of sun light bouncing off the moon
  • The cool, not so cool to replace the need of an air conditioner at temps above 70° F
  • As long as the sun returns to duty on the morning after we will be ok
  • Nature constructed the reflection system very well and safe.
  • The sun is surrendering to the moon

Twisted wires

Today while sitting here trying to be smarter that a five foot piece of wire, I begin to think about what I was trying to accomplish and if in fact I was going in the right direction in my efforts.  I said to myself that I was smart once a while back and so this should be very easy.  Then I found some more wires to play with and my efforts compounded.

You learn in schools, at least the ones that teach you something of value, and not the ones that teach no true history, bad math, bad science, and well I guess I could say bad english which is filled with 4 letters words.  I do not profess a good control of the english aspects but I do try to relearn words other than the 4 letter words that hit me in the face over the years.  Enough here.

Now back on the wire knowledge.  I was not able to make the wires do as I wanted them to do.  Guess I was not wire smart.  I use to make wire, transported wires, and I have a bunch of it, I guess I forgot to get the directions that go along with it.  I took a short break and walked around within the walls of the apartment for a few minutes.  I sit on the foot of the bed and looked at the 52″ TV that I thought lightning has strucked.  I picked the remote up and mashed a couple of buttons.   Nothing happened, the battery that I just had put in the charger was setting there and I saw that the cord was plugged into the wall socket.  Then I noticed that the cord going to the TV was not plugged in.  So reached down and plugged it into the socket and again mashed a couple of buttons.  I was so amazed that nothing was happening.  Ok, I said to myself, do not mashed the blue/green one just the grey one.  I mashed the grey one and watch as nothing was happening.  But in a few minutes the sign on to the TV began to come up then the TV was on.  Of course it is not hooked up to anything, therefore, I received no picture but it was wanting to show me that it does work.  I turned it off a few times and back on using the grey button.  It was a bit slow, guess the electrons were rusty, and it kept coming on.  I said a couple of 4 letter words and walked back into the living room with my head hanging down all disillusioned.  If I guessed I might say the remote maybe wearing out.  But regardless of my background, I want waste my time feeling positive about myself and experience until I try screwing in a light bulb.  If I do try it and it works then there might be some hope for me, but if it does not work, for whatever reason, then I shall remain with my head down between my shoulders.

I no longer profess to be knowledgeable of anything technical.  I still do not understand the wires that I am having problems with.  That is not technical just either it works or it does not.