Ambitious, animated, never manipulated

As I sit at my desk, I am busy on something that is either easy or hard for me.  I, sometimes, do not know if I should give up (that is not me), jump up and down (this makes no sense, it you jump up then why jump down as you will fall down anyway), or be intellectually inclined and keep trying harder.  I have never felled at but one thing in my life and that was marriage.  I shall keep working on any manipulations that might bother me, become ambitious and win the battles ahead.  Oh, I for got animated: well I have not made the cartoons yet.

Move forward and conquer all in front of me, only then may I look back and say I did it on my own.


It has been rainy all day

A friend went to play golf this morning, not sure that he played because it has been wet all day today.  But they do play some ball games in the rain.

After next week I can get my auto tags renewed, and my driver’s license renews also.  January is a birthday month and I never wait that long to do it.  I had to check to make sure that my gun permit was still valid and it is.

It has been rainy all day.