I am up by now

All of my lights have come on and I am doing my routine for today.  I think I had a good sleep and about a night dream, I do not think I was awake for one.  It is cold outside and I will have to go out to the vehicle so I can go and meet with the old people and listen to them talk about the weather and politics.  I do not care for either because I know nothing about either.  I will not be gone for long but I will make my showing.  I received a paper yesterday stating that the fire representatives will be here to check the systems within the apartments.  I am scheduled for today, what time I know not.

I am up by now and doing my routines.

It only takes one day

It only takes one day to go without listening to the news on TV then to turn it on again to see what has happened and who did what.

Whatever happened freedom and the rule of laws?  Why are so many demanding their way and holding no consideration for the rights of others?   Whatever happened to the right to speak or to think your way?

It only takes one day to realize that this world is not like it use to be.  Scares me, but I do hope that I am wrong and all of the rights and freedoms will remain a way of life for the world.  Those countries that have not had the pleasure to relate to the freedoms, I also hope that they will one day have that freedom.

It only takes one day.

Another Friday

Once again as the world turns we have another Friday to end the work week for so many, and yet so many do not have week ends, a Government thing or Union thing I can not say.  Lets all rejoice in today and with a smile for someone enjoy it regardless if it is a final day of the work week or a continuation of a secession of many days.

Another Friday.  As I sit here writing this I listen to the sounds of rain drops hitting the cars and outside right now.  Yep, another Friday with rain.

Almost prepared for bed

I almost prepared myself for bed, then looked at the time, then I decided against it because it is early yet.  I am not sleepy anyway but the idea did sound good to me.  I had to turn the same speech for each state off as it was driving me nuts.  I did vote for him and the party but dang at least change the words some.  I also understand if he did change the words that the media would tear him apart.  I guess he is right in what he is doing.  Will find out on Tuesday night.