Sleep has been ordered

My sleep has been ordered, however, I am not sleepy yet.  I have a TV series on right now but I am bored with it.  I guess I could change the channel if I relocated to a different chair, and a different computer.  Too much work lol.

I will be in bed by 10:30 PM EST I am sure.  Normally I go between 9:30 and 10:30 PM each night.  Old age you know.

I am done for the night now I think.  I do have one to be sent out in about an hour from now.  It has been scheduled for a couple of days now.

Good night to all.



Been watching some of the YouTube bloopers, for some reason I do not see that much humor in them.  I really saw more in the fashion shows than the bloopers.  Oh well, I can not be a critic of much as I truly do not find much humor funny so it is not often that I actually watch it.  I am more into the action type of program or informative types.  I guess in this case I can see me as the blooper today.

Watch the tube and enjoy what you may.