I was reading this AM and the I saw that the word Redolent was the word of the day in the WordPress to write about.  Well, I had never had contact with the word so I did some research and found it to be very interesting and it also has a lot of interesting relatives also.  Again I like words, I lack knowledge enough to use many of them or comprehend them.  If I do use them, they will have to become a part of my everyday life.

Olfactory is a relative of redolent, I would never known that it is a sensory system within the body dealing with “to smell”.  I would have interpreted it as an old factory.  So I learned a couple of things today.  Now, a Latin Verb olère relates to smell.

A word a day keeps the dictionary away.

Cool in the air

  • As the sun surrenders to the moon, the air begun to cool
  • Muggy in the apartment, AC is on cooling for tonight sleep
  • One can sleep better when cool, not cold, just cool
  • When temps are high, one can not sleep, toss and turn
  • I think tomorrow will be a day of positivity
  • I hear the cyber fleet is on the way, just for a visit
  • I look forward to meet again with my cyber Peoples
  • The cool in the air, sleep and rest better.
  • Circuitous your direction to inject suspicion then to be exculpated from wrong
  • Sleep, be aggressive and productive the day after.

Its a celebration

It’s a celebration, of what?  IDK just that today was safe and I know of no one that was hurt today.  That is a good thing.  Currently I am medicating and preparing for the snooze of the night.

A star is bright somewhere tonight, I do not think it is a new coming, but even if the talk is silent the knowledge of the few only knows for sure.

I celebrate the lack of things to worry about, the knowledge I gain when I aggress to know.  To acquire knowledge sometimes means in a circuitous way.  It deserves to be a celebration.