The morning of today

The morning of today 9/18 continues following a restful night in the recliner.  Yes, I am sleeping often in the recliner because medically I am supposed to be sleeping on my back for a period of time due to my eye surgery.  Now on the 26th, I go for phase 2 of surgery for the upper eyelid reduction.  I am sure I will be told to sleep on my back for at least 14 days until the post-surgery.  It is hard to do but one can adjust for a crisis when necessary.

I went to the Waffle House this morning for breakfast, ate lite drink some yucky coffee, talked with some old friends about the old school days when spankings were part of the course.  Yes, I got a few licks myself when I was doing something that was wrong.  Even in the classroom.  No shame I guess I earned it.

I have plans for the later morning to meet with some guys that I was in school with many years ago.  We are meeting for lunch.

The morning of today 9/18 is to be a fun one.

Useful day

I have been a little busy today, good or bad IDK, but anyway I have accomplished some things.  I am at 792 on my LinkedIn connections.  I did go on LinkedIn today and completed three courses: (Creating Online Video with the iPhone, Affinity Photo: Basic Portrait Retouching, and Landscape Photography: Wide-Angle Lenses)  I currently have a backlog on course completions but I will get back into it soon.

This and that

Yesterday I reported that my eyes were less sore and looked like I had been boxing, today they are less swollen and still look like I have been in a fight.  I will hate to see how the surgery 2 will look when it is completed.  I am doing a video each day so I can remember these days.

I really do not have much news today to bring forth.  I hope within the next half hour that I will have something to pontificate about in a nice way.  I try not to express myself in the negative, but yes I can and do at times.

I just found a new word and part of the meaning seems easy but the way to get there is a challenge.  Decoct I guess tea or coffee would qualify the meaning.

The dark of morning

As the dark of the morning moves westward and the few buts, birds, and other related critters move around preparing for their day, we humans are doing the same. I guess every critter has “work” to do each day, some for money, others for food, and some out of boredom. The majority of us enjoy what we accomplish each day, some enjoy harming others, and many enjoy helping others. A lifestyle unique to each of us, the critters alike.
Today I have nothing major planned nor do I intend on inventing anything. I am happy with just feeling the best that I can and also living a routine of choice, I have none.
Last evening I was watching some videos on YouTube about Dreamweaver and HTML use in making Webpages. It seem so logical but then it has to be added to another code procedure before it materializes into a product, another code before it can even be used, and so on. Even if I was enjoying the watch, I soon, even being interested, I was misplaced in the full understanding of what it was all about. I think of the future when all of the young people live by the codes. It is not even cyber, it is a bunch of rules designed to move you from a to z.
The dark of the morning.


As an informal word if means “old man”, formal it means an electrician on a movie set.

I have heard it used in a movie a few times referring to males,  I never thought much of it at the time.  So now, I can relate it to me I will have to remember it.