Ambitious, animated, never manipulated

As I sit at my desk, I am busy on something that is either easy or hard for me.  I, sometimes, do not know if I should give up (that is not me), jump up and down (this makes no sense, it you jump up then why jump down as you will fall down anyway), or be intellectually inclined and keep trying harder.  I have never felled at but one thing in my life and that was marriage.  I shall keep working on any manipulations that might bother me, become ambitious and win the battles ahead.  Oh, I for got animated: well I have not made the cartoons yet.

Move forward and conquer all in front of me, only then may I look back and say I did it on my own.


A few more words of ??

A few months ago I purchased a new meter and I found that the old meter was reading wrong many times and it was causing my way of life to be discouraging.  The new meter is right on and I hope it will be as good for a while.  I have no doctors for the rest of the year, they will start back during the first quarter of the year.  For most part I am sleeping so much better, feeling much better, and I guess more excited that I have been in a while.

In addition to the above I have adjusted my diet and that has been hard for a country person to adjust as I have.  I still have some work to do, like slowing the soft drinks diet, to drink more water,  and move around more doing something constructive.

As the title indicates I do not what to say until I say it.  A few more words of ?? is over for now and I am sure it will revive in the future.

A travel back in time

I was just watching a show on Netflix about Professional Bodybuilding.  I remember many years back into my younger years, comic books and various magazines had adds in them about Charles Atlas, and Joe Weider’s body building programs.  I purchased some of them but never accomplished much with the programs.  The reason for my interest was that when I joined the military in 1965, I weighed 119 soaking wet.  My sport in school was track.  I wanted some meat on me.  So how wrong I was to think that.  I gained during the military time, now it causes many problems and much pain.  I have not doubled my weight but close, as in horseshoes.

This is my travel back in time for today.

Morning came, sleep went

For some reason, the lite sleep ran out and went away.  I am now up and about, I did not get to far as you can see, but I am here.  Today, I really do not have much on the agenda so it will make way for the sleep to drop back by and fill in the gaps later today.


The morning of today 9/20

The morning of today 9/20.  What happens today?  Well, I am not really sure myself not that I forgot as I have not but let me state it this way:  I woke, dressed, and went to breakfast at the Waffle House.  I returned home so I could dose on the recliner.  I mainly was waiting for the Schwan’s delivery today.  Wow, my freezer is full now of frozen meals and support foods.  I will eat well for a while now.  Other than this I do not believe anything else came up for me to do.  It is a great day to be positive and alive.

The morning of today 9/20.