Good Morning World

Good morning world, had a great sleep last night and I am now ready to put up with the rain outside all day.  My travels today will be in the Elantra, I parked the SUV for at least today.  It’s Friday, all day which means a payday, Kins need not apply,

I have been thinking about what I have to do today and so far I can think of nothing.  So I will spend the day here doing whatever and moving on from there.


Today I am

Washing some clothes, washing some dishes, doing some of this, and doing some of that.  Some wise man said once that today is a rest day.  I must have read it wrong,  Oh I forgot about the trash to take out.  I am so happy that tomorrow is another day.  I should have all done today so I may rest tomorrow.

The weather has warmed for the afternoon, the sun is out and bright.

I have been doing YouTube videos about drones,  They seem to be neat toys with great cameras.  The sad thing is I want one but I do not need one.

Today I am this and that.

Doing home things

I am doing home things right now as I jumble some words together on here in hopes that they will come together and make an impression on someone.  Nah, I do it for fun and that is all.  Let me see, washing clothes again, soon to wash some dishes, not many as I do not have many, and I will prep the trash for removal tomorrow.  Soon the transition will be taking place and the morning will either honor me or dishonor me.  I may video expressing my thanks to the many that I served with over the years.  I leave no one behind when I do that even if I did know them they served and I am proud of them for that effort.

Just doing home things.

A little nap can wake you

I am up and out for a while, I come home and around before I sit in my recliner, and ouch I have traveled into cyber nap mode.  A little nap can wake you.  The trip took a few hours of my day before it released me back into life of delirium at which time I have woke and now here I am awake.

A look toward the outside and I see a bright sunny day and I know it is in the 40° F area.  Rain is projected later in the next few days, but the cold shall remain at out feet for at least one more day.

So now that a little nap can wake you, I am awake, so now it is some food time.

A transition of an evening to the morning 2

Within a few hours from now, a transition of an evening to morning will take place again.  It is a daily event but some will celebrate it by closing the bars or nightclubs, others like New Years by a big party worldwide.

The morning will be the beginning of Veterans Day in America.  It coincides with the end of World War I, 11th year, 11th day, 11th hour, 11th minute, of the 11th year.  We unofficially celebrate it on a Monday so people can have a 3 day weekend but only if you are a government employee.

A transition of an evening to the morning will take place soon.