The morning of today, Friday 10/12

Vision is starting to better.  A long way from perfection but better.  This is my BETTER for today.

The weather was chilled today, but again it is that time of the year.  Yesterday I was running the camera over the top of the trees showing the treetops waving with the wind to a blue sky and no clouds.  Fall is here, the trees will begin to turn soon and the grass will stop growing for the winter.  Many trees will undress for the winter, in the spring will prepare to dress again, and by summer will be fully dressed for the heated days.

Some good news, the minister imprisoned in Turkey has been released and he and his wife should be headed to Germany for a medical review then back to America.  Great news.

The morning of today 9/22

The morning of today 9/22, the first day of Fall has gotten off to a slow start.  It has not been long since I pulled myself out of bed and not feeling the best I continue to move on in my routine of the day.  I am positive and therefore, I know that things will get better as long as I do not give into bad vibrations.  I am so far from nowhere and yet so close to everywhere.

The evening of yesterday 9/21, I had been thinking of it, so I moved one computer to HDMI connection on one of my TVs.  I already had one computer, Ragu, and Fire Stick connected to the other HDMI slot.  One would ask why? IDK to be honest I guess I am trying to centralize all of them into one area of the apartment.  I will try it a while till I figure it out and then make adjustments as needed.

The morning of today 9/22

The afternoon of today

The afternoon of today dropped in for a visit.  I was going to Wal-Mart for some HMDI cables.  I found myself not feeling like going, I looked out the window and saw one bug flying from under my car and out-of-sight.

I am feeling much better now after getting myself more into the day than I was. I went on Amazon a few minutes ago and ordered some food items of which I am getting low on my inventory.  It is hazy outside but I guess the temp is lower than normal right now. It is actually comfortable today.  I want to make it to Wal-Mart today and maybe not at all this week.  I have been ordering my needs from various venders and having it all delivered to the door.  I do not have to put up with lines and nut cases.  I have found that the cost is not as bad that one would think.  About the same if not a little less.

It is the afternoon of today 9/16

A schmooze with others

My travels carried me to the Waffle House for breakfast and to schmooze with others about the day ahead or behind.  The collegiality of those of us that come together for out daily schmooze sessions remains unique to the group.  We have fun as well as being independent in our lives.

The day ahead looks promising to be very interesting.  We shall see.

Friday 9/7

I woke into the early morning thinking about the surgery next Wednesday on my lower eyelids.  Not that I hesitate but I question why I need a baby setter for the day, and the night if they have their way.  I have someone who I will ask to come over for a few hours 10-12 hours just to make them happy.

Rain is expected today from the storm that hit the gulf coast a couple of days ago.  I do not expect much if any myself, but who am I.

Today will go well, I have a few things to do but they will not take long at all.  I will spend my day being constructive as well as destructive.  I am good at both.