The sun surrenders to the moon

  • As I set in viewing of a movie I notice the approach of dark into my room
  • The brightness of the sun has begun surrendering to the moon
  • The light of the moon is dependent upon the light of the sun
  • The cool of night is proportional to the angle of sun light bouncing off the moon
  • The cool, not so cool to replace the need of an air conditioner at temps above 70° F
  • As long as the sun returns to duty on the morning after we will be ok
  • Nature constructed the reflection system very well and safe.
  • The sun is surrendering to the moon

News of the day is lacking

The clouds have begun to darken, the temperature is warm and not to humid and the expectation of rain probable.  My directions are marked by obliqueness or circuitous in route, therefore I think it best that I remain in place at this time.  Travel, however, not necessary, can wait until a later time.  So come on clouds and distract me from movement within my thoughts and shower my space with cool atmospheric water clear and pure.

I am about to do research here at home with my computers and see what I can find that would make for a good content to ponder over and maybe later literate about in some form or another.

News of the day is lacking.

Came and went

  • The weekend came and went
  • Saturday night at 7 PM, the robot called, I missed it but I did realize who it was and I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday at 1:15 PM.  A follow-up.
  • At 6 AM I had to go across the street to Wal-Mart for some paper so I could print my records for the NP
  • A midday obligation messes up a whole day, nothing gets done
  • I arrived early, they were at lunch, sat on the porch for 50 minutes, heard a few birds a chirping but not Happy bird.
  • The visit went well, no major problems, some weight gain, A1C up but good,  BP was off a little from the nurse and the NP,
  • When the nurse checked my sugar level it was almost hypoglycemic, lol got some crackers and juice.
  • I returned home about 3 PM, sat down, dosed off, and realized my day was gone
  • The weekend, Monday, came and went


Apple at $1T…I do not have nor do I like the Apple phone, I would like the watch I think but again one has to have the phone to go with it.  But I can not criticize an American company, started in a garage of this accomplishment.  I am agog at best of this accomplishment for an American company.

I just wanted to comment on a great feat.