I am awaiting

I am awaiting the arrival of the Transport to Starship 6 for a weekend visit and relaxation period.  I will refresh my cyber knowledge.


I will be active here over the weekend, as we have a much complex system of communication that I have here at home.

A little nap can wake you

I am up and out for a while, I come home and around before I sit in my recliner, and ouch I have traveled into cyber nap mode.  A little nap can wake you.  The trip took a few hours of my day before it released me back into life of delirium at which time I have woke and now here I am awake.

A look toward the outside and I see a bright sunny day and I know it is in the 40° F area.  Rain is projected later in the next few days, but the cold shall remain at out feet for at least one more day.

So now that a little nap can wake you, I am awake, so now it is some food time.

Overwhelmed by tiredness

My body and its routine got me up.  I am so tired that right now.  I will continue on for now into life, then when I return home from my travels I will again recline my body into the world of tranquillity for a journey back to alertness and productivity.

I am so overwhelmed by tiredness right now.

Darkness surrounds me

As I sit here at my desk dropping a post or two to make up for lost time, I look around me darkness surrounds me with the exception of my computer people.  I get the hint, go and prepare for the nights’ journey into rest and tranquility or silenzioso.  The cyber command ship has arrived, so I must go and embark for my journey.

Surveillance cameras

I recall way back when I was young we had no surveillance cameras scattered around to watch what people are doing.  Today, they are everywhere except bathrooms, well I am not sure about that even if I said it.  I have one here in my apartment which I use it as a toy because it did not do what I wanted it to when I purchased it.  I can travel around and take my phone out and move it around in my apartment and see my living room.  I have used it 15 miles away but I am sure I can go anywhere and hook into it and watch plus record what I see.

Technology is a great time use for study and productivity.