I see a sense of sadness, but it is Government

Watching the tube today “Fox Business” and I see a sense of sadness, but it is Government.  The Congress submitted a funding bill, the Democrats singing instead of voting, The President not happy – called a meeting – and refused to sign it as is.  They think the might have a way to get what he wants and will sign.  They are back at work to make a new presentation.  The stock market is reacting strongly at the proposal and also the rate increase.

In my opinion, I see the turmoil ahead to be very unproductive.  I believe the Government will not accomplish anything of value during the next couple of years.  Why would anyone want more than one term in this atmosphere?

I see a sense of sadness, but it is Government.



My TV for tonight has been laid to sleep, I am about to move in that direction also.  I am getting my locomotion in gear and begin my migration toward that creature called a bed.  I call it a creature because it really does not treat me right, but again, I am getting used to that also from so many sources.

I remember the song of many years past, “Locomotion”.  I use to enjoy hearing it but I never tried to dance to it.

The doctors

Yesterday’s doctor visit went well, just some updates and questions, and come back someday.  I did find out that the VA clinic that I go to has only one doctor on staff now.  He is a dentist.  I see a nurse practitioner when I go to the VA clinic.  They are good but most of my work is outside the VA.

Ok, today was interesting.  I am scheduled for eye surgery, the replacement of the lens in the left eye on the 2nd of January.

I also found from the test today that I am bleeding inside my right eye, I do not think it is really bad because it has before, but again, I am diabetic, doing insulin, and that is where the major concern is for now.  I have to see a Retinologist which is located in the same office as my main eye doctor.  He will decide what my next steps are and if it can be done with antibiotics or surgery of some type.

It is always something but I will go as far as I can to get back to some kind of life.  This just an update on the doctor’s visits.

Hello rain

Hello, rain you have been gone almost 12 hours and now back to aggravate people who do not like you.  As for me, I care less if you are around or not because unless I just have to I will not be out in your path.  The word is out that you will again be gone around noon tomorrow and will be away for a while.  We will see.  Remember Mr. Rain that in a few days we people will have a Thanksgiving holiday, a Black Friday (which when all of the nuts will run to the major stores to spend money believing that they are getting a deal on something.  That is not a truth).  I did it one year and I said never again.  So let me say Hello rain.

A new day,a new time, a new adventure

I came through the night with a new look into my forward growth.  It is not that much has changed but much improvement has come about.  I am not there just yet but as of now I see much improvement and have been able to see much better this morning.

I await the storm, wind, and rain as it will pass through my area today and tomorrow.  We will get a lot of rain with some wind but I do not see much damage from it.  PCB will be a mess with a Cat 4 knocking at the door.

It will be a new day, a new time, anew adventure, and I will remain positive about my recovery.