Apple at $1T…I do not have nor do I like the Apple phone, I would like the watch I think but again one has to have the phone to go with it.  But I can not criticize an American company, started in a garage of this accomplishment.  I am agog at best of this accomplishment for an American company.

I just wanted to comment on a great feat.

My Views of today in Finland

It is my understanding that a BLOG is an avenue in which you can say what is on your mind and not have to worry about it biting  you in the butt.  If I do not like someone or something I have no problem telling them or the world about it as long as I know it to be true, I will not degrade a person or a statement if I do not know it to be true.  Now to what I am talking about>

The world, my country included, is talking about the news conference today between Russia’s President and the President of the United States.  I, the news media, and the others by-standers were not in the private meeting between the two Presidents.  Did President Trump, out of respect, receive a committment on issues not publicly available to the public?  I do not know, nor does anyone else.  Yes, I did hear my President Trump, yes I did vote for him, waver in is answer to questions and his statement that he was confident in Russia’s President had nothing to do with the vote meddling.  To be honest in what I am saying, I have scolded a pet to the point the pet would hang is head while looking at me and walk away.  President Trump did not look like our President when he was talking.  He looked like he had taken a beating and was afraid to speak.  I know he cut down the German Chancellor, the NATO system, and other country heads and they fought back.

Are we a weaker country because of what he did today?  No, I do not think we will never be a weaker country because of words spoken.  He, the President, most likely has a reason for what he did today, and maybe he will tell us something different when he gets rested and at home.  Words are funny, you can cut someone down with words and they not even know it,  No one was cut down today, President is on his way home with his head between his knees.  I still trust him to do right and to keep America First and safe.  Today is a weak day for America, but I know we will over-come it and will remain strong and productive as we have been since January 20, 2011.  GOD bless our President, and GOD bless the United States of America.

I have spoken my thoughts here, no one was hurt, and I said it as I believe it.

Cell Phone bans

Let me tell a little story, not true, but could be.

Old James is driving down the road one day and something happens, an accident, or sickness.  Either way an emergency.  He has a cell phone just for that reason, also a push “Help me, I’ve fallen and can’t get up” button.  Now, the button is out of range, the phone is at home by law, and you do not see a lot of traffic to ask for help.  What do you do?

July 1st my state has a law going into effect to make it illegal for a driver to have their phone on or around their person.  I also understand that the GPS units will also be ticketed.  So unless you have Onstar, not all vehicles do, you are out of luck.  It is also a that display devices such as DVD players, Laptops, etc. are not allowed in the front seat in the view of the drivers.  Phone calls, texting, etc are out for safety reasons.  I do under stand the safety issues.

When I drove trucks, I have watched women put on makeup, change clothes, etc while driving.  I guess that is legal I do not know.  I do not drive trucks any longer.

Maybe they should just outlaw cell phones outside of the house at all times, can’t walk and text without falling in the street, or coin ponds.  Take the radios, computers, and cell phones away from law enforcement units.  The laws are to be equal to all.

Ok, now I have had my day of BS so I will simmer down now.

Doctor Krauthammer

Personally, I did not know the man, I  did listen to him on Fox News often.  I enjoyed his commentations, the story of this life, the accident, and how he made it through Harvard medical school.  He spoke not long ago and said he was tired and the fight was over, he was talking about his cancer battle.  As a cancer survivor, I can say it is a hard battle to win.  I want to express my condolences to the family and friends.  In my opinion, he was a great person, bad luck, but a good life as he could make it.  RIP, Doctor Charles Krauthammer dead at 68.

Friday 6/15

  • Its Friday 6/15, so what does that mean 
  • To some people it’s a birthday,  
  • To others if might be a wedding, 
  • To others if might be a memory. 
  • Either was it is still Friday 6/15. 
  • Ok, what do you do on Friday 6/15 
  • Well, like any other day you can work, 
  • You can get paid, 
  • You can go to a party at some facility, 
  • You can even take off work on vacation. 
  • I think I like Friday 6/15. 
  • Umm, it is just a day of the week in a month and some year. 
  • This Friday 6/15 is the Friday before Father’s Day in the USA. 
  • So happy Father’s Day to each, enjoy your day.