I guess it was too much

Thinking back a while, I believe that I may have overstated my eye and all of my immediate problems at the time.  I am guilty of insecurities in my life.  If my overstating a subject was boredom I do apologize.  I have moved on, the eye is history, many other things is a history gone by.  The second site is not working out well for me, it will become history very soon.  I hope to be more colorful in the future, to be more articulate, and more artistic as well (if that is possible).  I hope to see you down the road, I can promise a smile and a hello.  I will promise no boustrophedon as that would for sure confuse me.


Today I shall

I have a couple of things to do today, one is to clean my tchotchke while I enjoy my slumgullion with a spot of tea.  After this, I shall find another project to engage in like some study items, or things to do issues.  I know I will be washing dishes because they are already in the washer ready for me to light the fire.

Today I shall clean my tchotchke items and enjoy some slumgullion.

My eyes are

As I sit here, my eyes are about to shut.  I have for the most part been dozing while I was sitting here doing a course on LinkedIn about Azure.  I will finish it tomorrow and do another one or two also.  I am not sure but I have eaten too much since 5 PM.  I do feel like it but when I get into bed it will all go away by morning when I have to get up.  I will say this much, it has been a positive day, and I believe tomorrow will be another one plus a beautiful day.

My eyes are about to shut.