The night has came

Soon to bed, rain continues through tomorrow.  I acknowledge tomorrow as a special day in my life even if the end came years ago.

I find myself doing well these days, I hope that the wellness will continue.  I have the one doctor on Monday early morning, the other was moved to the 7th again at early morning.  It eased my rushing between the two on the same day a couple of hours apart.

At least it has not turned cold yet, maybe tonight but I have studied for that and I have a blanket ready to save me.

What will tomorrow hold for me?  A good question and I have varied answers and I am sure that none of them are applicable.

The night has came and the rain continues.


I did go to

I did make the adventure to the next stage of an interest of mine.  Well, before I express my opinion of my internet adventure of which I write, let me say the rain, however, lite is still rain so I invested my time to YouTube’s photographic section and had a good and long presentation of landscape photography.  It was a good presentation in many parts and descriptions until the presenter started to tear up over the views.  They were awesome views of different parts of the world.  I am interested in that kind of art and also that of macro-photography of flowers, insects, and other views.  So yes, I did go to YouTube for a while today.

My LinkedIn

Today I broke a milestone in my association with LinkedIn.  I broke over 200 connections.  I am proud of my efforts and I am happy with each connection.  I do read a lot of the articles posted on the site.  I really had rather read the news there than to hear it on the TV.  In fact I do have internet but I have many ways to watch TV but hardly ever watch it.  I do not have cable, just the internet and phone.  I did let them sign me up for the app at a cheap price for 2 years.  Sometime I will look in on those channels.

I want to thank each and every one of my connections and I do appreciate you.  Many of them are from Southwire, I use to work there many years ago.  A great place to work, that is if you want to work.