It is cool, some rain later

The weather currently is cool, low to mid 50s, later tonight it is predicted to be 10%, 20%, and 30% chance of rain.  Later in the week it is predicted to drop to 29° F, I have not heard of any rain that day.  I am happy that I have two garages to place my vehicles in out of the weather.  I hate to have clean the windshield before I can drive.  Sure it cost more but the benefit is awesome.

I was in a few stores this morning and they are loading up on Christmas items.  We have a Thanksgiving holiday later this month and the Friday afterwards which may be a day off it the Black Friday when shopping is crazy.  I went to one once and never will I ever do that again.  You almost need combat gear to buy something.

It is cool, some rain later, maybe.

Today, the Friday before

Today, the Friday before Christmas and all is complete, shopping all done for me, and as I move forward into a new year I so hope for changes and improvements to my life.  I know of nothing that I want or need today other than improvement in life and to wake a few more days.  This represents my wishes for the coming years ahead.

Today, the Friday before…?

I almost did try it

I almost did try it but I then realized that I can not spell backwards.  So I guess I failed the test to be a boustrophedon.  Anyway I can’t spell it either so I guess I am a qualified failure.

The rain has stopped for now, cool is moving in, and my cars are in the garages.  I am home for today.  People are putting up the Christmas trees already.  I will have to go to Wal-Mart and see if I can find a card with one on it. lol.

I have been also thinking about maybe moving somewhere away from here when my lease comes up for renewal.  I am not sure if when or where I will consider a move.  A mission to consider for a later time in my life.