Today I am

Washing some clothes, washing some dishes, doing some of this, and doing some of that.  Some wise man said once that today is a rest day.  I must have read it wrong,  Oh I forgot about the trash to take out.  I am so happy that tomorrow is another day.  I should have all done today so I may rest tomorrow.

The weather has warmed for the afternoon, the sun is out and bright.

I have been doing YouTube videos about drones,  They seem to be neat toys with great cameras.  The sad thing is I want one but I do not need one.

Today I am this and that.

It is so neat

Today I tried something different and I hope to get some good content from future efforts.  I took my GPS unit not as a route but as a camera.  The camera on record did record my trip home in the wet and when I copied it to my computer I was so impressed I have decided to use it that way for now on.  It makes a great record of my travels around.  I am not sure if it can record 64 g or just the 32 g.  I do not think this one trip covered more than a 1.5 g when I played it back.  The display shows the lon/lat, my speed, and times of each event.

It is so neat to record my travels from here to there and back.

The morning of today 9/19

The morning of today 9/19 update.

I received from Amazon my order of 32 oz bag of Pistachios and my Chromakey Green Screen Kit about 11:30am.  I had some damage to the bag of Pistachios but nothing that caused a major concern.

I have inventoried the Chromakey Green Screen Kit but I have not set it up yet.  It is coming soon when I do that for practice and my learning episode.

My video camcorder

This morning I tried to use my hook up of my professional camera to various production software and I give myself an A+ for my effort.  Once I remembered to plug the converter  I got my HD video to show up in the software and I must say it looked great.  The audio was not bad either but I have to work with it some because each production has a different requirement for some reason.  TODAY I FEEL POSITIVE so I will continue to work on my goals.

I did go out this morning and get some food items.

coffee (2018_01_07 09_45_20 UTC)14627919_10202135702431593_1003205008_n[1]

Then I came back home and began to work on my projects.  to ta loo

A hook up

I finally completed a hook up which allowed my professional camcorder to work through my computer and record.  I was not able tonight to hook up a video into OBS, tomorrow when the sun is up I will try a couple of programs to see if I can go online with this camcorder.  Panasonic AV DVX100B.  The BBC used a camera like this one during conflicts over in the combat in Iraq and the area.  I have accomplished a lot with this camera lately and for what I paid for it I am very happy.  It fits in with my other video camera and DSLR.