A few more words of ??

A few months ago I purchased a new meter and I found that the old meter was reading wrong many times and it was causing my way of life to be discouraging.  The new meter is right on and I hope it will be as good for a while.  I have no doctors for the rest of the year, they will start back during the first quarter of the year.  For most part I am sleeping so much better, feeling much better, and I guess more excited that I have been in a while.

In addition to the above I have adjusted my diet and that has been hard for a country person to adjust as I have.  I still have some work to do, like slowing the soft drinks diet, to drink more water,  and move around more doing something constructive.

As the title indicates I do not what to say until I say it.  A few more words of ?? is over for now and I am sure it will revive in the future.


A Black Friday revelation

Today the greed of business is all around us.  The “discounted” goods, mostly made in China and consumed in America, are on display all over and in most large stores enticing purchasers to buy for Christmas.  So many fall into that trap each year, now I will admit they’re some good discounts out there but for the most part it is a trap.  The advertisements are at the printers now being printed for next week’s distribution to encourage the populations to come out and take advantage of the extended Black Friday bargains  This will go on until and till the stores close on Christmas eve night.

The day after Christmas is when you will start finding discounts because the stores will be trying to get rid of all items remaining on the shelves before they have to pay tax on them.

Be happy it is a Black Friday revelation.


Finally, I got up and around this morning and went out for a bit this morning to eat and socialize with some people who I know.  I think now I should have stayed home again but the week is young.  Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US, Friday is “Black Friday” also known as a shopping day for those who have the time to do it.  The weekend is just that a weekend.  Many people will have all four days off, some will have to work, and others will do what they do normally.  I had someone offer to bring me a dinner plate over Thursday, I have asked them not to, but I am sure it will show up and I will do what I normally do, look at it and wonder if I should or not.

Finally, I did something already today, I got out and about.

Hello rain

Hello, rain you have been gone almost 12 hours and now back to aggravate people who do not like you.  As for me, I care less if you are around or not because unless I just have to I will not be out in your path.  The word is out that you will again be gone around noon tomorrow and will be away for a while.  We will see.  Remember Mr. Rain that in a few days we people will have a Thanksgiving holiday, a Black Friday (which when all of the nuts will run to the major stores to spend money believing that they are getting a deal on something.  That is not a truth).  I did it one year and I said never again.  So let me say Hello rain.