Saturday will bring

Saturday will bring to each of us the 1st day of December.  Christmas is just around the corner and, of course, New Years celebrations soon afterward.  I think that we may have some weather between now and then, as in snow, and cold days.  It will rain a lot.  The sooner it is over with the sooner Happy Bird will return and sing more good songs.

Lights out, the bed is screaming for me.

A revelation

I sit here thinking then suddenly I have a revelation from the past.  It is a good fun memory I think, I recall the early morning susurrous sounds of morning, and like clock-work, a special sound appears…it is the Happy bird singing its song of the day, a mating song or just a happy song of course only a bird comprehends and certainly not I.

A revelation from the past to reoccur again next seasons travel of Happy bird.

Saddled up and westward bound

I have prepared myself for the close of my eyes in a visit into the unknown ventures found in the dark of the night till the rise of the sun in the morning.  I have resolved my belief that Happy bird is in route with the bird friends and family to another location for the hatching season ahead.  I will look forward to Happy bird’s return next year and the chirping about Georgia.

I hope to try to make some more photos during the upcoming day light hours.  Not sure what all I can photo but I will do my best to make some interesting things.  I may ride out to the old farm that I lived on when I was a kid.  I know part of the old barn is still there and the last time I was there the old road was still dirt and the bridge is still one lane wood.

Into the dream I shall saddle up and ride Smokey westward.