The night has came

Soon to bed, rain continues through tomorrow.  I acknowledge tomorrow as a special day in my life even if the end came years ago.

I find myself doing well these days, I hope that the wellness will continue.  I have the one doctor on Monday early morning, the other was moved to the 7th again at early morning.  It eased my rushing between the two on the same day a couple of hours apart.

At least it has not turned cold yet, maybe tonight but I have studied for that and I have a blanket ready to save me.

What will tomorrow hold for me?  A good question and I have varied answers and I am sure that none of them are applicable.

The night has came and the rain continues.



My TV for tonight has been laid to sleep, I am about to move in that direction also.  I am getting my locomotion in gear and begin my migration toward that creature called a bed.  I call it a creature because it really does not treat me right, but again, I am getting used to that also from so many sources.

I remember the song of many years past, “Locomotion”.  I use to enjoy hearing it but I never tried to dance to it.

The dark of the night

The dark of the night has moved in, if clear in the sky you may see the stars and the other planetaria objects in position around the sun.  The heaven is beyond our reach so we human may not disturb life as it is there.  That travel is planed at some later date for each of us.  As I prepare myself for bed and hopefully a restful night of sleep, I think of my task for tomorrow.  I am sure I will find something to assemble words in order to explain my thought or position as related to the subject.

So to each of you learned people around the world, here’s to you and may your night, day, morning or which ever time frame you might live be productive and interesting.  Be aggressive with your art, someone will view it and smile.

Comments, likes, or enjoy is appreciated.