Good Morning World

Good morning world, had a great sleep last night and I am now ready to put up with the rain outside all day.  My travels today will be in the Elantra, I parked the SUV for at least today.  It’s Friday, all day which means a payday, Kins need not apply,

I have been thinking about what I have to do today and so far I can think of nothing.  So I will spend the day here doing whatever and moving on from there.


It is so neat

Today I tried something different and I hope to get some good content from future efforts.  I took my GPS unit not as a route but as a camera.  The camera on record did record my trip home in the wet and when I copied it to my computer I was so impressed I have decided to use it that way for now on.  It makes a great record of my travels around.  I am not sure if it can record 64 g or just the 32 g.  I do not think this one trip covered more than a 1.5 g when I played it back.  The display shows the lon/lat, my speed, and times of each event.

It is so neat to record my travels from here to there and back.

What to do

What to do when a young kid ask you a question about sex?  Run for shelter, defer the kid to the parents, or color an answer to their level.

What to do when someone asks you for a loan?  A hard question to answer.  What are you comfortable with, a promise of repayment (never to come), can you afford the loss if repayment never occurs, is there a level of trust between you and the other party?  It is a personal decision and I would caution against it from experience with friends and family.

Other than the above two events I would say it is a consideration that you would most likely be uncomfortable with, at least I am: borrowing your car, borrowing tools, and so forth.

What to do when confronted?  Be careful!

A cold fall day

On a cold fall day in November, the dew was heavy with a light wind blowing and as a warning early morning tomorrow the time falls back an hour.  I know this for two reasons, one:  I have been told that this will happen. Two: the low-pressure indicator on my dash came on today and tells me so.  Since I have had this car, for some reason the low-pressure light comes on when the time is due to change.  I guess I can get an early oil change then they can add gas to the dire.

A cold fall day.