To Order or Not

As I set here I ponder about which I shall do next, to order groceries for delivery or go to the store myself and buy more than I need or actually do not need. Ordering for delivery (I am lazy), actually going to the store to pick and purchase (I will get too much, stuff that I do not need, and will spend too much).

Decision time!

To order or not? I will have no answer until later today. The first call to action is to get up from the chair, then walk to the car, then drive to the car, and when it comes time to pay; I ask myself did I forget my card. Ok, now at home, I wish I had a wagon to put this stuff in so it would be easier to take into the apartment. But for now the question remains: To Order or Not.

To the apothecary, the bank

I needed a couple of things, I asked “Wal-Mart or Apothecary” and to the Bank.  So I decided on just the apothecary and bank for now.  I came back home and housed my SUV in the garage.  I have what I needed plus a couple of things.  Some of the main needs will be here later in the week from Amazon.  Oh, did I say that I normally do not use the word Apothecary, I just say the drug store.  I first was exposed to the word apothecary when I was in Germany.