It is cool, some rain later

The weather currently is cool, low to mid 50s, later tonight it is predicted to be 10%, 20%, and 30% chance of rain.  Later in the week it is predicted to drop to 29° F, I have not heard of any rain that day.  I am happy that I have two garages to place my vehicles in out of the weather.  I hate to have clean the windshield before I can drive.  Sure it cost more but the benefit is awesome.

I was in a few stores this morning and they are loading up on Christmas items.  We have a Thanksgiving holiday later this month and the Friday afterwards which may be a day off it the Black Friday when shopping is crazy.  I went to one once and never will I ever do that again.  You almost need combat gear to buy something.

It is cool, some rain later, maybe.

Black Friday

I will say one thing about Black Friday and that is businesses pour in the money to present things for you to buy and for them to hopefully make a few $s in the deal.  I see so many ads daily that I really have no desire to even go and look.  I am not interested in what someone else thinks I need.

Black Friday, for those who partake in the adventure, have fun.