HTML coding

I was on YouTube listening to a course about HTML.  It looks easy but I would need to be able to read and apply at the same time.  Then the CSS codes kick in, and there so many of them out there all of which fits into a publication of content.

I will stay traditional and use words, even if I make some up sometime.  Webster did so why can’t I?

It is about time for me to go and garage my car, I really do not have to but I am paying for space to house them so I should use them and the vehicles will be ready in the morning when I go for my LABS.

Until later this is the gator away and soon to return with more cyber action.

UPDATE to contact

I had to enter an update to my contact info on here.  It was a late change but a minor one.

I did make it out to vote this past Tuesday.  I got it over with now and will wait and see if my vote counted.

I did not play the lottery last night no winner so I hear, that means over 1 billion $s.  I would like to win it but my first thing it to buy a ticket.  We will see I will invest $2 just to win a billion or not.

Today we had some rain so it was indeed a 100% chance proven rain.

This afternoon as you can see I am active for a while using words to say nothing but maybe get caught up on some deeds that I have missed this past week.  I hate to feel lazy but sometimes with age, you will just feel that way.

I have to go on LinkedIn and get caught up on my week also,   Facebook, I may or may not go on there.  I have my reasons for saying that.

On Monday morning I have to do some LABs again.  I feel like a gas pump sometimes.

Microsoft outlook

I had to go to my Business 365 account and make some adjustments to my Outlook account.  I guess I will have to visit that account more often to keep them happy,

It is not easy to be everywhere at the same time.  Well, let me rethink that statement it is if I would stay electrically instead of bouncing around.  I am getting better at it.

Back into the electronic world.

The morning of today, Sunday 10/13

The morning of today, Sunday 10/13 has been so unusual for me that even I can not believe it.

I started the night in my bed, eventually moved back to my recliner from which I spent the majority of the morning sleeping.  I was so tired for some reason that I could not stay awake.  I never left the house, UPS was supposed to deliver a package but never showed but of course the complex being gated he could not get in.  I will be here tomorrow also and will look for him tomorrow.

The sleepiness carried over into the afternoon.  I had YouTube on but I do not remember what I was watching because I kept dropping off to sleep.  I am half awake now.

The morning of today, Sunday 10/13

Soon, within a couple of hours, to bed

In the very near future, I will be preparing for entry into bed and sleep.  I will also be making some preparations for tomorrow’s activities.

So far, for the most part, I am feeling well and ready for the test of life.  As long as I am feeling well and able to do what whatever I want, I will be ok to proceed and accomplish my goals.

I do know that I will be on here for a while, and maybe do some courses from LinkedIn.  I may also run up to Best-Buy but not sure about that part of my day.

Well, for now, let me move into the preparation phase and prepare for the bed scene.