A good night for a night dream

After a long day in seclusion within myself, I have now made all preparations to show my bed some love and go to sleep for the night.  I hope my comment will not cause someone to conclude that I am strange, I am not.  I have had a long day and now I am very tired.  As for a night dream, it will not happen, I will lie down and I will be gone into some other world visiting others of good will and understanding.  Tomorrow I will begin a new week of my routines and submissions for the guidance of medication.  It is cold out right now, mid 30’s and I think the rain has stopped, but it could bring about some flurries as has been predicted.

So, a good night for a night dream is unreal and will not happen in my world.

Good Morning World

Good morning world, had a great sleep last night and I am now ready to put up with the rain outside all day.  My travels today will be in the Elantra, I parked the SUV for at least today.  It’s Friday, all day which means a payday, Kins need not apply,

I have been thinking about what I have to do today and so far I can think of nothing.  So I will spend the day here doing whatever and moving on from there.


I am up by now

All of my lights have come on and I am doing my routine for today.  I think I had a good sleep and about a night dream, I do not think I was awake for one.  It is cold outside and I will have to go out to the vehicle so I can go and meet with the old people and listen to them talk about the weather and politics.  I do not care for either because I know nothing about either.  I will not be gone for long but I will make my showing.  I received a paper yesterday stating that the fire representatives will be here to check the systems within the apartments.  I am scheduled for today, what time I know not.

I am up by now and doing my routines.

The noon meal

Let me say that the noon meal was very good, I did save some for later also.  I do this from time to time.  I felt that today was a good day to eat and be happy.

I will say also that I am flooded with ads for Christmas, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sale goods.  I know it is not just myself that are getting these ads I just click them and let them go by.  I would hate to see my trash box on the email folders.

The noon meal was very good, and thank you.