Google vs Microsoft

I believe it was yesterday that for some reason Google brought me into their security system and said that I need to change 280 passwords, and was asking me about various apps and why do I need them.  Microsoft apps were one of the concerns.  I began to think about the issue.

  • The computer is mind not Googles
  • Microsoft has technology that Google does not
  • Google has technology that Microsoft does not
  • Sadly, both are needed to operate a computer
  • So why is Google telling me that I do not need Microsoft apps?

Google wants a password, an email or text for a code to enter in order to prove that entry is indeed me.  I do not have time for this mess all the time much less 280 times.  Many of the passwords or accounts are active or even in use today.

Security, however needed, is becoming a pain in the big toe.


Happy morning

Woke to a drizzle this morning, temperature warmer than when went to bed, however, the temperature will drop during the day, and colder tonight into the 30s°.  I really do not mind the weather so much.  What is will be and I have no control of it.  Today, unless something changes I plan on being happy all day.  My boat is in new waters and I have no where to be today except here where I am now.

Today, I say a Happy Morning to the world, good or bad, and to those that are bad wake up and see the light.

A day at the zoo

I am in a room with three computers, a laptop, three phones, and two tablets.  I have one phone with the impeachment going (Zoo), and the others are just turned on, but as you can see I am using one for this communications.  It is cold > colder and damp outside today.

I refer to this impeachment deal as a zoo because I have seen kids act more mature than these elected officials.  Then when a republican needed to use the bathroom, the democrats voted no to allow a break, but after a few more interviews they decided to go on break for 15 minutes which took better than 20 minutes.  The animals at a zoo are much more orderly than this outfit is, they are paid to go to Washington to work and they have not accomplished anything the last three years.  I rest.

The King greets the King

If anyone, lately, has been on YouTube Elvis is everywhere.  I have been listening to many of his works.  Some may not like him, others love him regardless.  I grew up with him and his songs, I think his Gospel music is great, others will judge him an drug user.  He did a lot of good even if his life was questionable.  When he died, I believe he went to Heaven and the King was greeted by the King of Kings.  Elvis lives in the heavens doing good there as well as he did here on earth.


Nice people, they are out there

In so many efforts we make to do right, sometimes we actually run into a nice person.  Not so many out there, well it does not seem to be as many as one would think.  Now they can be nice and not think like you do.  They can be nice and not do things that you do. Also, they can be nice and not look like you.  Just be careful not to judge the people you deal with each day unless they give you a reason to judge them.  The old saying do not judge a book by it’s cover is also true in not judging others by their cover.  I know many nice people (more that bad), but also, I know many bad people as well.  Neither has ever miss treated me unless I for some reason opened the door.  I have done that many time: made a motion without thinking, opened my mouth without justification, and acted, then regretted it later after I found out more about their problem.

Nice people, they are out there so just continue to look.