A food, good or bad

A bun, a patty of ground beef, cheese, onion, and other items of the delight of the personal taste.  Cheeseburger as it is called.  Some say it is bad for you, others as I love them.  So am I good or bad because of what I eat? Some say I (they) do not eat animals.  I can respect that, plants are life as well, do they eat vegetables?  We have a food chain described for us by people of knowledge.  We choose our foods as does the carnivorous animals.

A food, good or bad is what we make it and how we feel about it is personal.

I stand out front

I stand out front in the guard of my life and for those that I serve.  I honor my country with my service and will gladly go the limit to protect those I serve from oppression and the rescinding of the freedoms bestowed upon us by GOD not man.  I am a soldier, a sailor, a Marine, and a fighting man.  I serve my GOD, my Country, and the people.

I stand out front.

A man in the Government

A man in the Government trying to do good things for his country but is confronted daily by the opposition.  He receives labels by many which disrespect the Government of which they are a part of.  Many of us have lived in various governments that do not care about the population nor the country, but for themselves only.  Oppose them and face death or prison, basically the same.  Government by greed and not the people.  Labels are disrespecting to anyone, not just those that are in office.

A man in the Government does not deserve disrespect if he is doing right for his country.