Happy Saturday

Today has started with interest and happiness.  My schedules are starting to come around to a logical truism.  Now if I can only get it working like I want then I will be so much better.  Routine activities are never my strong suit.

With a weather of good.  Pollen thick and messy.  I will deal with it by staying inside as much as possible today.  I have so much that I can be doing, no reason to go outside, so I should have a great day.

Happy Saturday and weekend ahead for all.

A struggle just to live

I was just chatting with my niece and she was online selling jewelry just to make ends. Her diabetes is progressive and she will be confined to a wheel chair within two months. I know how it is, my mother was confined for a long while due to strokes, etc.  Oh I am not writing this for pity, I am just letting the word get out: if you know anyone or you have diabetes please be careful with it.  Listen to the medical people who is trying to help you.  I also know about it because I to have it, I’ve had a cancer 9 years ago, chemo, nerve damage in lower legs and feet, and now they say gout.  Just be careful with what you do when you are young, it all leads to other problems in the later years.

I am gone for tonight, as I said before tomorrow and Sunday I am doing it.  Take care.

Humming words to fly around

I was thinking of some things but I will probably forget them before I get to them.  I was thinking of the humming-bird because there is so much pollen in the air, and they fly to nicely that I figured they could get some pollen and fly around.  The little birds are cute to watch and fun to talk about.  As pets I do not think they would make it.

I call them super sonic birds but I am not sure if they are the fastest or not.

I do hope that the pollen will be low for a while, because last night it was driving me nuts.

I will be Humming words to fly around with.


by James Argroves, April 27, 2018, @ 5:08 PM EST