Today was nice

Today has been very nice.  The apartment complex opens the pool on Monday, it will be crowded I am sure.  Schools will be out by the end of the week and kids will be everywhere.  I guess I was in years past also.  Today has been nice and crazy for me.

A funny thing

A funny thing happened on the way to WordPress today.  I was on OneNote and I found that I could talk to it and it would type out what it thinks I am saying and it will read it all back to me.  I love technology, I just wish I was smart enought to really enjoy it.  I had to laugh and cry at the same time today. I carried my main computer to the shop and I wanted to upgrade it to make it faster.  Well, it was slow coming up, then the tech wanted to reboot it which he did and it died on us.  I am not sure what we can do about an upgrade but he is going to look at it and make some recommendations with cost of course.  It is always something.

Dark has moved in

Star wars the next generations continues.

I’ve watched Lucifer so much I am now bored with show. Agents of Shield has become boring also. About tired of the whole schedule. Lol. Maybe I need to move to cartoons .

I hope to sleep well tonight and in the morning.