The rain not yet

The rain as predicted has not come yet. It is also scheduled for tonight, will see if it makes it.

The happy bird singers were out this .morning. I missed much of it. There is always tomorrow.

My foot doctor for Monday has been cancelled. The doctor has moved up north about 5 months ago. I think have one later next week a different kind of doctor.

The rain has not come yet. I am still vettinv things put away and the rooms cleaned. Should be done tomorrow.

I did not forget

I have not been on here today except for about 5 minutes.  I have been unpacking and repacking into different containers most of the day.  My lower back has been about to hurt me into a bed, but I will not let it.  I did find my weight lifting belt and I put it on for a while, it barely fit but as the time when along it started to fit better.

I went on Amazon and order a couple of things, including a compression vest, it was cheap enough that if it works it will be worth it, if not then I can still wear it for a while.

One of the orders that I received last week they got lost.  I received in last week and it was due for delivery this week.  I went on a Chat with them and told them that I had all that I ordered and some were early, some was a day late, some was right on time.

I did not forget to post today just busy and very sore and tired

The eye doctor visit

The visit to the eye doctor went well.  My appointment was at 9:30 AM and I arrived at 8:15 AM and out by 8:50 AM.  I hate the later appointments as they seem to mess my whole day up.

I have to go back on the 28th to see another doctor.  I expect to have another shot in the right eye, but I do have my fingers crossed hoping not to have a shot.

No more doctors will next week when I have at least one maybe two.

He is back

Did I tell you that happy bird is back. I heard him this morning out back. They have been cutting trees outside our apartments. I do not thing he came back with his family. But again it may not even be the same bird. I do not speak bird so I am not able to communicate with him.