Morning of a new day

I just found that WP is much faster in Chrome than any other engine on this computer.  I will try and keep it on Chrome for now on.

The day I hope will be a challenge for me.  I think it will be and I look forward to the tackle.  I am today feeling much better and I hope that too will continue.  Just bring it on and I will play ball with it and beat it.

Someone said it may rain today, I do not see any, but I do not watch the weather because why it will do what it wants to regardless what the college graduates say.  No one tells our GOD how to run his company.

I hope Chrome does not let me down, I am ready for it.


Today has been

As I woke this morning a bit early than normal, the day has gone downhill ever since.  Nothing bad has happened just the normal routines.  I did go to a store and bought some grocery items.  After getting back home I lost a few hours somewhere, then feeling iffy all day.  I hope that I will sleep well tonight.

Today has been a day from elsewhere.