I did vote so I can raise a lot of heat if I want.  This new government that is now in office has so much to be desired.  I honestly feel sorry for the young as they age and move forward in life but never ahead of yesterday.  A bartender in the House and now running for President in 2020.  I may see some of it or I may not.

Government a give me free stuff power.

Is it a chicken

I was just looking at the map of the United States including Alaska, It looks like a long neck chicken.  I know it is sad that I say this, but my eyes caught it and brought my attention to it.

I would think it is the red color.  We are not chicken, but we are getting a bit crazy in attitudes.

All in a night


As I woke this morning I felt a pain as I was getting out of bed.  My wrist was hurting as I moved it.  I had to go to the eye surgeon this morning for a follow-up, he said if I need him I know where he is, and nice to meet me.  So when I left his office I went by an apothecary and got me a brace.  Now no pain but it is hard to type from the desk with it on.  It will be ok, I just do not want to add to the pain and hurt it more so I am being protective.

All in a night