And the story goes on

As I wake today issues later follows. I had a dental visit schedule. I go and I was presented with the funds for today’s visit to be $400.00. I responded no not today. We changed the purpose and it was free. She then told me that an insurance company did not pay before. It was a value of $450.00. I had paid $1600.00 for the cause, out of pocket before. I will get it for them soon.

The story will be extended later as the story goes on.

Our 4th of July Weekend

We as a country comes together GG her to recall the birth of our nation. We also again recognize our military today and past who served to protect our freedoms.

We currently have some bad apples within our borders who think crime is a way to make a difference in life. They need to get a grip and rethink, the fire is burning and the boundary close by.