Today has been fair

Today has been fair, nothing special, got a few things accomplished and now for some relaxation.



Have you ever had one

As I sit here waiting on this program site to open, and why is this the only one that is slower than birthdays?  It did not use to be this slow, but now it is crazy.  I think sometimes, that it would be better to write elsewhere then bring it over to this page once it wakes up and comes online.

Now off the subject a bit:  I received the robot call last evening at 7 PM telling me that I have a lab test on Monday at 9 AM.  I know that I entered it on my calendar but it must have fallen off because it is not there now.  So that is my morning game tomorrow.

The question in the title is symbolically asking: Have you ever had one of those days?  It requires no action just attention.

A sound so faint

As the dark moves westward, the cool of morning lingers, fog so lite, wind calm, and I hear faintly the chirpy sound of a little bird, a sound so faint.  Awake I am now as I await the beginning of the day ahead.  To what will the day bring?  Only GOD knows the answer, however, with that in mind one can only be fulfilled with glorified expectations.  Another day has cometh to me, so shall I try and make the best of it.

A new morning has arrived

A new morning has arrived for today, I know it is Friday so I am going to be cool today with nothing planned but maybe some of this kind of stuff.  I look out the window and there is some dark sunshine out there.  The sunlight bulb has not fully laminated yet but I am sure it will within the hour.

I am ready for today.

5G is or isn’t it

I was listening so a news channel earlier before I lost a couple of hours somewhere.  They were talking about the 5G event being medically unsafe.  A lot of people were making presentations about it causing cancer, diabetes, and many other issues.  They even talked about, currently out cells are running 24 hours a day as are many other electronic devices so a body is being attacked all hours of the day.  The 5G point was that the arrays will destroy plants, birds, trees, and then people.  Privacy will not exist at all.  We do not have privacy now, the Government monitors and records every email, phone call, and text now.  5G is or isn’t it harmful?