Tears-crying stopped, help console happy

After a short nap I again got myself up and ate something to hold me until later.  I took a gander at the Help machine that was crying so much earlier and I saw that it’s indicator had stabilized and it was no longer in need of a charge.  I assume that it needed some human attention or adult attention, whichever.

I think now I will move forward into the day by filling out doctor papers, gathering information that he will need to look at, and have it ready for Wednesday.

Today will also be a good day to pay a few little bills and get them out-of-the-way for the week.  I could take each vehicle that I have and gas them up so each will be ready for what might come up later.  That is enough to get me started.

Help my batteries are low

Thunder and I assume lightning had been going on for a while when the call to sleep came at 9:45 PM, I accepted and laid down.  I am not aware of what time it happen but I woke and found total darkness had taken over the apartment.  The attack of the zombies had moved on elsewhere, just not here.  At approximately 2:30 AM the power was restored I set all clocks and brought the computer back on-line.  Five minutes later it was off again for about 30 minutes.  At 3:07 AM it was back on and I again set the clocks and powered one computer, all looked good.  Accepting the fate of the night, I again retired to the bed for sleep.  The console for my help I can’t get up buttons began to cry help  the console batteries are low, and it is charging itself the whole time,  After the second cry out at about 4:25 AM I get up and check it out, I saw not problem with what it was doing so here I am posting a report.  I will be calling the provider of the help system in a short while for a decision on what is wrong.  I remain tired but not really sleepy at this time.

Frustrated, motivated, and positive all day.

Preparations are made

Clothes are now washed, drying in process.  A completed task of tomorrow, now in the final stage.

Soon to medicate the final dose of today, the question remains will Melatonin defeat the zombies tonight.  I have surrendered myself to less food intake prior to bed.  That might be the aggravation that drives the zombies to wake me and force my eyes to remain open.

Tomorrow I have some papers to fill and organize prior to Wednesday’s meeting with the doctor.  It is a consult but I may be encouraged to submit to pressure when talking to him.

A goal has been established to remove the fur from my face.  I need to keep it removed because it drives me nuts.  The hair curls and digs into my skin causing discomfort.  Yes, tomorrow is the day.

I shall now make preparations for my final hour of activity today.  I wish that tomorrow shall be a productive one.

Extraterrestrial life

Been watching  a historic shows about space ships and landings around the world.  The commentators made some very good evidence for life on earth.  The building structures, the possibility of help from extraterrestrials to build them.  It is very interesting, but the governments will never let us know for sure what they know.  We have heavy equipment working daily and nothing that can move some of the blocks of stone across ground much less up a steep side of a building.  Was people back then less smart than we are today?  Lot of questions remain unanswered and we will most likely never know the answer.  Speculation of what happen then and could it happen again today?  Believe in extraterrestrials if you will, I will have to see one first.  The movie where the extraterrestrial wanted to call home from earth, ET was it?

Best Buy

Took a little trip up to Best Buy to window shop.  I am sad to say in one area car stereos I thought the offer was good.  In another area the area was nasty and a purchase did not give any items needed to operate the item that I was looking at.

The car stereo installed was a little less than $500.

The Sony Camcorder priced at $849,  Looked up on the phone and it came with some items necessary for the use at $848.

I ended up buying a Coke and leaving.  Now do not get me wrong I have bought from them before and I like the product a smart watch. $365.

I think I said once before that I will look at something at least 3 times before I decide to or not to buy.

I also looked at washer and dryers, I have been thinking about upgrading but not sure yet as the ones that I have are working good.

I get home and my sister calls me via video call.  We talked about 30-40 minutes.

Now back home and looking for some kind of content to express my opinion about.