Approaching a new day

I sit around thinking about what is ahead.  After talking to my sister today, I realize that I am not the only one that faces difficulties.  Why have I chosen this direction to submit a few words of knowledge.

Tuesday I am to have lunch with a number of old high school classmates.  They have been meeting each Tuesday for many years for lunch at different places.  I have been to a few of them, mainly when I am not doing medial or whatever.  I will be going this Tuesday unless some other issue comes up and causes a disruption.  I will have to go and find this place as it is new for me, I will do that in the morning.

I am approaching a new day.

Missing in action

Today as the weather has changed to a bright sunny day, however, the temperature lacks the change to correspond to the brightness of a sunny day. I realize that the day is young yet and I did not get up until 10:15 AM today. I could not justify waking up early when I had made the decision to stay in today and not go eat with the normal group as I do during the week. They may show up or they may not, one never knows who will be there. This also bothers me when I drive the 15 miles to get there and no one shows up. I do not take it personally, but I tend to feel bad when it happens.
The afternoon is nowhere, and I have one TV/computer on You-Tube, and I am here on my main computer system. Earlier my sister phoned, and we talked about an hour. She is trying to retire from her job of 40 years. I hope she will do well; she has the possibility of some disabilities of which she should receive compensation. I wish her the best of luck in doing what she has in mind. She said that her supervisors are wanting her to stay. I told her to have them make some proposals which might benefit her in a decision to stay.
I have started a grocery list for home delivery. I have not submitted it yet. Maybe later today I will send it in and let them bring it out to the apartment. I am not in need right now, however, I do not want to get low on my supplies and then need to wait for another order to deliver.
I have some more cleaning to do and will likely be doing that shortly. I do want to finish up today most of it. I have the routines that I need to follow daily and some doctor visits during the week. It is on Wednesday at 8 AM.
I have been missing in action lately. It bothers me to miss writing something or trying to anyway. I have gotten used to it and I enjoy it.

Some ways to organize

Ways to organize
This is a project that I am about to take on, I will share the ways that work for me and should work for others as well.
Ways to organize your movie collection:
Ways to organize your music collection:
Ways to organize your financials:
Ways to organize your photos:
Ways to organize your properties:
Ways to organize your records, taxes, medical, etc.:
Ways to plan your vacation:
Ways to plan your meals:

A good way to organize your movie collection is to use EXCEL or some similar program and record the title, type (Drama, Western etc.), and maybe a star. If you have a lot of them which contain the movie is located.
The same organization as above can be used for music like CDs, Records, etc.
EXCEL is great for the financial organization or so is
Adobe has a great program for photos. You can category them, file them, and make presentations of them if you so desired to do so.
Your properties, autos, boats, furniture, and many other items owned by you. If you take photos of them the Adobe would be great, otherwise, EXCEL would do wonders also
Your tax records, property records, medical records and so forth you would want to keep the originals in a safe deposit box. Make copies of them and store in a file in a cloud that you use.
To plan a vacation, set aside a budget each payday toward it. Get estimates of the cost, figure out how much you would like to limit the spending and compile a total, set a date of travel and do the math. You must be dedicated to the budget.
To plan meals for the day or the week, write each meal down for each day and prepare it per the schedule.
These are some of the things that I try to do, sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. Human nature

The current updates

The rain has come and is on the out. The temperatures will vary for the next few days.
The cleaning and getting rid of things that I do not understand why I even have them continues. I ordered me another Rubbermaid container to stow stuff that I have a use for but mainly as an organized way of storing it. I do not like boxes because they can bring in critters, the containers are not likely to do that.
I have been having problems with my lower back, so that has caused me to move slowly. I am working on taking some of the stress of my lower back out of my life. When I talk with other persons of my age during the morning hours, I hear them talk about things which I can relate to when it comes to pains. I guess it is a common thing in the life of elder generations.

A day of despair

I come forward as an American to say that today is a day of despair. I am not of understanding of Mausoleum and the Muslim religion; however, I do believe that as a people we have a right to practice our faiths in safety. When someone advertises their intentions to do harm to another on the internet, I believe that they should be no mercy for that individual(s). I am sending my prayers on behalf of those harmed for no reason other than believing in something of a higher power.