Today has been fair

Today has been fair, nothing special, got a few things accomplished and now for some relaxation.


A bird came by

As is in ecer spring a few birds drop by to tweet songs, meet their lady friends, build a nest to house two or more. The songs are pleasant in the mornings.

Birds are special in that they travel so many miles just to visit for a short while, to raise young ones, hold bird school, tech young ones to fly and then make the fall flight southwards.

Late night approaches’

As I watch the talk shoe on TV I find myself getting tired and then I hear my bed calling me to come and rest. I am about ready for that adventure . I no longer dream as I once did. I do sleep much better now than I have in a long time.

Tomorrow, meaning Saturday, I may get out and about a bit with no purpose. I now must make the approach my sleeping area and check my eye lids for leaks. Good Night to each.