Before I

Before I adjust my eyes for dreams and rest, I will prepare myself for another sleepless night.  I am not sure but I think I may be hyper tonight as my system (body) is acting strange.  Anytime we have a long weekend it goes crazy, if it gets too crazy I will think, that is I think, about the ER at the hospital for people.  So, with this short update, I will wander into the next room and make sure that my pillow is ready for me to lie upon it and toss and turn the evening away.

So, until tomorrow and before I close my eyes looking for sleep, good night.


Home it came

About 1:30 PM my All in one computer came home.  It is much quieter and faster than when it went into the hospital.  The technician found some kind of virus hiding in the files dormant but was making money, not from me.  He removed it.  It never caused any problems but at least I know now that it was there.

I am now on the SSD technology.

Good news

First, the week ends today to begin the long weekend for the many to travel and enjoy. Schools are officially out for the summer. But as it so goes many will also be working the malls and necessary stores.

Secondly, my computer will come home today.